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Cool Kids

Miles of flat water riding, plus rails, in spectacular Guanaja, Honduras

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Spain Sets a New World Record

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada successfully puts 352 riders on the water for one mile

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Tarifa Brings Big Air Back

PKRA competition goes big this week with winds gusting up to 35 knots

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This is the Life.

From Anegada to Necker Island, what's not to love about the British Virgin Islands?

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2014 Dream Extreme New York

The largest kiteboarding charity event on the East Coast kicks-off next month

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Get Lit: Photos in the Field

Brazilian photographer Andre Magarao talks shop on making images

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2014 Cabrinha East Coast KiteFoil Championships

Fourteen racers hit the water and showcase the latest evolution in sailing

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The TKB Beginner Instructional Guide

Step-by-step instruction, updated for 2014. Get yours now.

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Participants during the Red Bull Battle of the sund in Malmö, Sweden on 16 august of 2014.

Red Bull Battle of the Sund

From Sweden to Denmark and back to Sweden again. That's how the battle is won.

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Heineken Takes Switzerland by Foil

The 2014 KiteFoil GoldCup wraps-up a second world tour stop

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Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

Bad jokes, fast food and road-tripping kite adventures on the west coast

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Packed crowd at the 2014 Kite Clash

The Spit Delivers for Canada’s Kite Clash 2014

Steady winds and crowd-pleasing moves at this year's Canadian National Championship

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Same But Not Equal

One week's travel in Turkey to kite the Gulf of Gökova

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The 2015 Team Series in Motion

The Airush Team is on fire with 17 minutes full of edits worth watching

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Slalom Heats Up. Freestyle Cools Off.

Agressive course racing and fickle wind for PKRA riders this week

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F-One is On

The 2015 Collection rolls out this week with oodles of changes and improvements

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