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Sky Solback with a selection from the 2016 North Surfboard line. Left to right, the boards are arranged for their ideal wave conditions from small to large.

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Half a Year

Half a year's kiting, filming, traveling and parties packed into four minutes

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2016 Buyer’s Guide: Axis

Introducing FAT Rail technology and beefing up their surf and foilboard shapes and options.

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What a Kite Can Do

A graceful rendition of the Switchblade

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2016 Buyer’s Guide: Airush

One of the deepest kite lines in the industry with seven distinct models that target specific riding styles and skill levels.

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TKBNKL (5 of 9)

NZ’s Standout Women

Women Stand Out at the 2015 NZ Kiteboarding Nationals Written by: Catarina ...

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Reo’s Reflections

The beginnings of the barrel

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Location, location, location

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Allow It?

A long break to promote a new energy and ability

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Essential Experience

A downwind adventure on Brazil's North Coast

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Snap Shot

Season Begins

Capturing the beauty of St. Petersburg

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Harnessing Wind

It's bigger than a sport

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Speed, power, style and agility

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AirStyle Video App

How-to videos for over 600 airstyle tricks

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Anthar Racca Airush International

Anthar Racca Joins Airush

The next big thing

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Demo A Kite

The Netflix of kite rentals

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Why We Created Ride Engine

Patrick Rebstock explains the benefits of the rigid shell harness

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