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Sizes Available: 97×40.6×3.8cm 9L, 112×43.2×4.1cm 12L, 127×44.5×4.1cm 14L, 142×45.7×4.1cm 16L
Sizes Tested: 97×40.6×3.8cm 9L

Naish Says:

Compact with medium volume, the Hover Kite takes full advantage of a minimalist design. This board delivers superior control in tight turns for a dynamic and responsive riding experience. When riding strapless, another key advantage of its size is the ability to sink the board and position it on its edge for easier take-offs. Its precise CNC cut closed cell core is wrapped in lightweight Durafinish which heightens durability without weighing it down. The dual-track system allows riders to instantly adjust where the foil sits on the board for a more customized riding experience.

Visit for more info: www.naishkites.com/product/hover-kite/


TKB Says:

This year the Hover Kite line gets a reboot with four sizes ranging from 97cm to 142cm, which generally stick to a general template with modifications that are specific to each size and target audience. We tested the 97cm size in the Hover Kite line which is the smallest, most high-performance of the range.

The Hover Kite board features a super durable EPS sandwich construction that gives you both ding resistance and solid stiffness that translates all your inputs straight to the foil below. This year the template got some slight modifications that seems to round out a flat spot in the rail template and increases to the nose rocker. The Hover Kite features nicely chined/beveled rails from the tip through the tail and fairly moderate volume that ranges in buoyance from the smallest to the biggest boards in the line. There’s also some minor dome to the deck under your back foot and for those that use straps, you get four forward/aft insert options down the center for your back foot straps, with four forward/aft insert options for your front foot in both center and duck stances. The domed nature of the deck is very subtle and tends to fit within the arch of your foot, although some riders may require some adaptation to the sensation if you are used to flat or concave decks.

The 97cm Hover Kite is a super high-performance waif of a board that favors highly skilled kitefoilers that need minimal surface area to get up and going. The super short length leads to incredibly swift steering with no swing weight to inhibit aggressive carving. There’s just a bit more rocker in the nose for this year which helps with accidental touchdowns to some extent and the rail does a great job of releasing from the water with its chined/beveled angle. During waterstarts, the 97cm deck provides some buoyancy, but it does require intermediate to advanced skills to confidently manage a strapless waterstart. For those less than confident foilers, the larger sizes in the Hover Kite line will be a better option, but for higher skilled riders in our test, the Hover Kite was eagerly sought after. If you are looking to maximize the sensation high-speed foiling, hard carving and extreme maneuverability, the 97cm Hover Kite knows no limits.


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