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The Kiteboarder is different from all other kiteboarding publications in the world. Committed to long form, literary journalism for its insightful and artistic exploration of the fascinating people and important events that make enthusiasts so passionate about the sport,  the large format of the magazine allows us the space to pursue our topics in depth and publish content that weaves together well thought out narrative and generously sized photos. Our mission is to engage participation and inspire stoke in our audience by examining the broader context of the people, places and events that make kiteboarding so unique. The difference is apparent from the very first time readers pick up or download our publication with stories that are presented in clean, readable layouts rather than a cluttered magazine full of ads and trendy design elements.

TKB also publishes supplemental digital magazines focusing on gear, instruction, and seasonal travel so that kiteboarders can readily can get this type of information all in one place rather than little tidbits disbursed in magazines throughout the year. Combined with our special events and other electronic efforts, we offer multiple ways for riders to get their kiteboarding news and entertainment.

The Kiteboarder Magazine offers a wide variety of sponsorship, advertising, and partnership opportunities. Gain exposure for your brand through our print magazine, annual calendar, electronic issues, website, social media pages, and special events.

Contact us for rates and for more information at [email protected].