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Video Submissions

The Kiteboarder Magazine looks for high-quality video that is expertly filmed, tells a great story, showcases unique locations, and/or presents our viewers with an under-explored aspect of our sport. We also look for edits to publish within a week of their original release.

If you’d like Tkb to consider posting and promoting your video via it’s media channels, the quickest and most streamlined way to get your video noticed is to make sure all the following requirements are met right out of the gate.


Send all videos for consideration to our Online Media Manager via email. DO NOT send submissions via Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels if you want them to be reviewed immediately. While we check our social media accounts regularly, because of the volume of information sent there, we can’t guarantee we’ll see your submission. If you do not receive a confirmation that your video submission has been received, we haven’t received it. Send it via email again.


Again, we get oodles of video submissions each week.  If we love your edit, submitting your work with the following items will increase the likelihood that we’ll be able to get it online quickly:

  1. A video URL and description. Send us a URL link to your video (YouTube, Vimeo, or other) and a brief 1-3 line description/commentary on the video, such as filming location, dates, riders, etc  (if this isn’t included already in the video data on the platform where you’ve posted it).
  2. An action image or super high quality screenshot.  The image should be taken from the time of the video shoot. We use this on our website to represent your video in thumbnail form and also to promote your edit via social media. It’s a teaser for your film, so be sure it’s tasteful and representative of your edit. should be sized less than 2000 px wide, but no smaller than 600 px wide. You can send us a “branded” photo — that is, one with your name and the title of the video on it — but our data suggests readers are less inclined to engage (ie: click-through) on those images.
  3. Social media information. Include relevant Facebook URL’s and Twitter handles and hashtags, so we can give credit where credit is due. Please note that The Kiteboarder Magazine is a “business page” on Facebook, and we will not be able to tag/mention you if you only have personal page. Typical submissions include social media information for a rider, a brand, an organization involved in the video, and/or a videographer. We reserve the right to limit the number of tags/mentions made. Our goal is to share relevant content with our readers not necessarily to promote every single entity involved in the video’s production.


If your first edit isn’t published, don’t give up. We are happy to provide feedback about your submission, upon request. We are also always on the look out of stories and images to use online and via social media. If you have images you’d like to share with our online audience, please review our Photo Guidelines for Web and consider sending some along for review.