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Before You Start

While you can learn a lot about kiteboarding through magazine articles, online forums, and videos, this is a sport that you shouldn’t learn on your own. Kiteboarding lessons should be looked at as a required part of learning to kiteboard, not as something optional.

So You Want to Be a Kiteboarder? Here’s What You Need to Know

Start here if you think you are interested in becoming a kiteboarder.

The Importance of Kiteboarding Lessons

Every person who wants to get into kiteboarding should take lessons.

Top 5 Mistakes People Make when Learning to Ride

Trainer kite practice with the proper drills will develop crucial precision kite control on land.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying New Kitesurfing Gear

Your decision is even more complicated than you might have originally thought.

First Steps

If it sound like we are repeating ourselves on the issue of taking lessons, we are. The information here is not meant to replace a proper kiteboarding lesson, but these topics can help supplement what you will learn during your lesson. We do not recommend that anyone learn to kiteboard without taking a lesson.

Basic Kite Flying Skills Trainer Kite

During your fist lesson, you will learn the basics of how to properly and safely fly a kiteboarding kite.

Body Dragging

The purpose of body dragging is to become comfortable in the water while flying the kite before adding the complications of a board.

Getting up on the Board

Once you have your kite flying skills dialed in, you’re ready to try getting up on the board.

Changing Directions while Kiteboarding

Once you’re up and riding, the first thing you need to learn is how to change directions.

Self Rescue

Regardless of your skill level, you will eventually need to perform a self rescue.

After your Lesson

Weather to Ride”¦ or Not?

Even experienced kiteboarders are all too often indifferent to weather hazards.

Where Does the Kite Leash Go?

Many kites ship with multiple options for where you should connect your safety leash, but it’s not always completely clear which attachment is the best for you.

10 Things Your Kiteboarding Instructor May Not Have Taught You

To be realistic, there’s only so much your instructor can cover in a 9 to 12 hour beginner course.

How to Not Run Into Other Riders

Too many riders have tunnel vision on the water and are totally focused on what they are doing, not their environment.

Next Steps

Edging and Controling Speed

With a properly tuned kite and correct body position, controlling speed and getting upwind will be much easier to achieve.

Basic Kiteboarding Jumps

If you focus on good technique instead of just trying to huck yourself into the air, you will learn faster and be able to jump higher.

Intermediate Kiteboarding Skills

Congratulations, you are ready to move on to the Intermediate Kiteboarding Skills Section of The Kiteboarder School.