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Sizes Available: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21m
Sizes Tested: 8, 12m

Flysurfer Says:

Break boundaries with the ultimate all-rounder! The legendary flight characteristics paired with the highest level of user-friendliness offer maximum performance for every style. Sporty or comfortable, a kite that takes your riding to the next level. The SOUL offers confidence-inspiring stability, intuitive handling, maximum durability, and lasting value for many years. Always choose the right kite and make your free time pure enjoyment!

Visit for more info: https://flysurfer.com/project/soul2/


TKB Says:

With a solid list of design and material improvements introduced into the Soul’s recent V2 upgrade, Flysurfer’s freeride foil kite pushes its reliability, expansive wind range and improved steering response to the next level. Leading the charge to the foil kite conversion, the Soul makes ram-air performance accessible to riders of all levels.

Inflation Valve: Not applicable self-inflating foil
Attachments: Center bridle: Knot / Wingtip bridle: Knot
Centerline Split: Low-V
Front Bridle Options: Single setting

Design and Features
The Soul V2 received a number of changes to the internal structure and design of the kite as well as some material upgrades that add even more durability to the featherweight canopy. Flysurfer made subtle changes to the geometry in the Soul’s wingtips while adding a new system for draining water out of the internal baffles. The internal baffles are now constructed with the TX-Light Hardfinish fabric which uses less material and opens up the ports between cells. The bulk of the canopy is comprised of TX-Light ripstop and the leading edge is comprised of DLX+ fabric that improves abrasion and punctures. While the bridle cordage seems to be slightly thinner, bridle and mixers where the leading edge and trailing edge risers come together are largely the same with some minor color changes.

The key to the Soul’s dependability and reliable water re-launch is its high-pressure air intake which closes the kite’s inflated cells after inflation. Once you pre-inflate the kite by putting the leading edge into the wind and allow air to enter the airframe, the Soul’s cells retain the air no matter how hard you crash the kite or how long it takes to relaunch. The only way to remove the air is to open the two Velcro flaps on the trailing edge to allow the kite to deflate while you roll it up.

One of the advancements in this latest Soul is how quickly the kite inflates its remaining cells after relaunch. Often when you launch a foil kite, only the main cells are inflated and you have to wait for the air to distribute from the center baffles out to the wingtips for the kite to be fully inflated. The Soul seemed to reach full inflation much quicker and without action by the rider, which made each one of our launches more predictable and user-friendly.

The Soul has earned its reputation for its comfortable and intuitive bar feel and testers commented on the lighter bar pressure that is easy on your arms and light on your fingertips but progressive enough to give you enough feedback from the kite and its trimming. This makes all angles of riding feel relaxed, even when you’re jamming upwind or pushing the speed boundaries. The power delivery for the Soul, like all foil kites, comes from apparent wind and the kite’s movement across the window; the rider doesn’t get the sheet-and-go feeling without the kite moving, but once the kite begins to fly, you get excellent control over the power with the movement of the bar. The power range of the Soul is one of its strong points with good low-end in light wind and solid top-end control, but the strongest selling point is the crisp steering response with a quick turn initiation and steering arc that becomes as tight as you want it depending on how much input you apply to the bar.

Rocketing upwind feels amazingly easy and casual with the power generation coming from apparent wind. The Soul V2 is very similar to the V1 in terms of range and power but we thought the V2 had a little quicker steering response. The steering initiation is really crisp and the turning arc is quite tight when you get aggressive with the bar. If you grab the leader line and pull hard you can get the kite to spin in place, which allows you to put the Soul exactly where you want it.

While the Soul is happy to push forward in the window and yield incredible upwind riding angles, it’s also very good at flying and drifting in the middle of the window. This is where its versatility makes it much more maneuverable than your typical foil kite with a straight-line racing pedigree. Looping the kite in the window, fading and stalling the kite while carving is what makes the Soul much more than just a range-expanding light wind tool.

Testers praised the Soul for its impressive lift generation on jumps and gushed over its hangtime and soft, luxurious landings. The Soul’s tight steering makes it easy to adapt to the Soul’s optimal launch trajectory and we found the big air results impressive with a little adaptation and practice. The Soul also features very reliable zenith stability; the kite doesn’t overfly the window in gusts and floats through the biggest lulls. It also climbs up the side of the window in very little wind which helps you keep the kite aloft on threshold conditions.

The relaunch on the Soul is the other major conversion point that helps put the Soul on an equal user-friendly footing with inflatable kites. When the Soul ends up in the water, its high-pressure flaps keep the kite solidly inflated and afloat without problems. With some tension applied to one side of the bar, the wingtip rotates up and hauls the rest of the foil kite back into the air. It’s impressive to watch how it works, but more importantly, the relaunch works reliably every time.

It’s about time that everyone give foil kites a try and the Soul’s latest evolution makes it a great place to start. Compiling enough user-friendly handling to approach that of an inflatable kite, the Soul gives you incredible wind range with a light and responsive bar feel that is ideal for freeride and big air. From solid low-end pulling power on light wind twintip sessions to fast but friendly kitefoiling, the Soul covers far more ground than most kiters might have ever anticipated until they’ve given it a try.

We rode the Soul with the Infinity XX Control Bar. Read the review here.


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