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Sizes Available: 130×38, 133×39, 136x40cm
Sizes Tested: 133x39cm

Airush Says:

The Diamond is the ultimate all-around female freeride kiteboard. Created with the smaller, lighter rider in mind, the Diamond has a narrower relative outline, softer flex pattern, and fine-tuned narrowed stance. A double concave with a solid spine allows for smooth landings, while a basalt fiber lamination provides the flex, lightness and durability. This makes it perfect for riders pushing their limits without compromising its playful character for those progressing.

Visit for more info: www.airush.com/boards/twintips/diamond/



TKB Says:

Just because you are a smaller rider, it doesn’t mean the board under your feet should have a bunch of generic entry-level features. The Airush Diamond integrates both user-friendly freeride characteristics with some solid performance features to create a fun yet dependable board for more petite kiteboarders.

Design and Features
The Diamond features a narrower width and a friendly freeride template with a smaller stance width to match more petite riders. The Diamond’s slightly more aggressive bottom shape incorporates a double concave bottom with a soft spine extending from tip to tip. By utilizing basalt fiberglass, the Diamond has a really nice light weight feel that also yields a softer flex pattern fit for smaller riders, while still having enough stiffness for stronger load and pop. The Diamond comes with 35mm GFN (glass-filled nylon) fins that fall on the smaller side of Airush’s offered fin sizes.

The Diamond succeeds in balancing ease-of-use and performance riding characteristics while slimming down its dimensions and fine-tuning its flex for smaller riders. The Switch, Airush’s all-around freeride board, is available in its smallest size of 135x40cm, and the largest in the Diamond is a 136x40cm so there’s some overlap, but that the Diamond shape is clearly narrower in nature and features a softer flex pattern.

The first thing we noticed about the Diamond is the particularly lighter weight in your hand. With its trimmed down dimensions, the board is quite a bit more agile and easier to handle in and out of the water. We found that the Diamond’s bottom shaping and smaller fins gives it a medium grip on the water that is fitting with a freeride board. The softer template does a great job of cutting through chop, dampening the bigger bumps and overall locking into an upwind rail quite well without much focus on keeping the rail engaged. The Diamond feels a bit more playful going into carves and jumps with the fin’s tracking feeling little more skatey which helped for sliding the board through transitions and never felt like you had to fight the board to release.

The flex pattern is appropriately geared for lighter riders and is quite a bit softer compared to the other freeride boards we had ridden clearly it’s geared for riders in the sub100 to 160lbs range. Our smaller tester found the flex to land right in the middle of the spectrum, being both soft and forgiving while riding, with just enough reflex and stiffness for load and pop. The bottom spine does a good job of breaking up the water on bigger landings and making touchdowns on higher jumps feel just a bit softer and better controlled.

Overall, the Diamond finds and a solid balance between user-friendly handling that inspires confidence with sufficient performance upgrades in its flex and bottom shaping to aspire to be more than just a sized-down freeride board. With a narrower template and size-specific stance width, the Diamond targets female and smaller rider’s specific anatomy while carefully blending performance with user-friendly riding. Don’t be fooled by the Diamond’s cotton candy coloring, because this board will take you from freeride to beginner unhooked tricks before you know it.

Pads and Straps
The Diamond came with last year’s Boost V1 pads and straps combo. This year the Boost V2 received some upgrades to its footbed density and texture and is available in two diferent sizes. Based on our experience with the Boost V1, the footbed has a rubbery feel with the grippy ridges and contour in the pad which held our foot in the binding well. There’s a subtle toe grip to keep your foot planted in the binding and the single Velcro strap was easy to adjust. The Boost V1 in its small size did a good job of covering both medium and small sized feet.

Visit for more info: www.akdurablesupplyco.com/product/news/ak-boost-bindings/


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