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Sizes Available: 650, 810, 960cm2
Sizes Tested: 810cm2

Area: 810cm2
Wingspan: 64cm
Aspect Ratio: 5.1

Naish Says:

The 810 is a versatile foil for riders of all levels. Sharing the same design DNA as the 650, the delta planform and ultra-low drag anhedral shape seamlessly blends riding fast and turning hard with incredible stability – that means you can push harder and ride in a wider range of conditions due to having full trust in your foil and being in control at any speed.

The 810 has a smooth early take-off, eliminating out of control breaches for inexperienced foilers and allowing for a greatly increased top end. Like the 650, the extreme low drag of this foil makes it a light wind weapon due to its ability to generate apparent wind. Pairing ease of use with top-end performance, the 810 is the perfect foil for kiters wanting to take their riding to the next level.

Visit for more info: www.naishkites.com/product/kite-810-complete/


TKB Says:

While the Naish hydrofoil family is a large ecosystem of products that cover every aspect of the foil universe, there are three kite specific setups in the Naish family that run from the Kite 650 to the Kite 810 and Kite 960. Located in the middle, the Kite 810 offers a taste of exciting high-end speed while maintaining enough user-friendly qualities that make it approachable for confident beginners and intermediate foilers.

Design and Features
Starting with the construction details, the Naish kite wings feature a new glossy coating on the carbon wings which differs from last year’s matt finish and you can choose between three mast options that range from aluminum, Carbon 30 or full Carbon construction. We rode the Naish foils with the aluminum 64cm fuselage and an 85cm Carbon 30 mast which isn’t quite as light or stiff as the full carbon mast, but does yield a nice lightweight setup that’s easy to handle both in and out of the water. The Kite 810 assembles with stainless steel torx head screws and comes with the Jet HA 220 stabilizer which features subtle upturned winglets.

The Kite 810 impressed us with a much easier foil-up than we expected. Looking at the 810’s sleek shape, we were anticipating a faster foil-up speed, but the 810 started creating lift earlier than we expected which allowed for easy take-off at a moderate speed that seemed accessible in lighter wind conditions for riders of most skill levels. Like many of the Naish foils, the balance between front foot and back foot pressure is even and allows you to hit higher speeds with a relaxed riding stance.

The steering on the 810 felt really active with both the yaw and roll feeling equally maneuverable and on par with the pitch. The Kite 810’s steering felt really responsive for extremely agile high-speed carves that encourage big giant slalom style turns. The 810 isn’t a surf foil, so you’ll want to maintain some moderate speed to stay on foil, but when we approached foil-down speed, the foil transitioned off foil smoothly without unwanted surprises. With its ability to accelerate and hit solid top-end speeds, the 810 delivers efficiency and glide while always slicing quietly through the water.

With super intuitive controls and a medium take-off speed, the Kite 810 plants you squarely in the freeride space with a foil-up that works for riders of intermediate skill-level and provides comfortable access to exciting speeds and giant slalom style carving with minimal effort.


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