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Kitesurfing Basics

When venturing out into the surf for your first time, keep in mind that you should start with mellow conditions and work on building your skills before talking the gnarly days.

Top 10 Questions About Kiting in the Surf

The ocean can be an intimidating place for those who do not have any experience there.

How to Get Up On a Surfboard

Kitesurfing on a strapless surfboard is very rewarding, but before you head to the waves you have to first learn how to get up on a surfboard without straps.

Kitesurfing Wave Etiquette

Ignorance may be bliss, but not at a heavily kited beach or reef break where everyone knows and expects a lot from each other.


Transitions are a little different on a surfboard compared to a twin tip since directional boards have a dedicated nose and tail. Fear of learning transitions is the largest reason some riders do not want to try riding a surboard, but there are a lot of options for turning around on a surfboard.

Strapless Toeside Jibe Made Easy

Many kiteboarders have discovered how much fun riding a surfboard-style directional board can be, but some riders who haven’t are intimidated by having to learn how to jibe.

Surfboard Duck Tack

Josh Nehf walks us through an upwind transition he likes to call the Duck Tack, a fun way to change directions without losing distance downwind.

Ollie Lien Transition Tutorial

Caution Team rider Blake Harrington takes you through an Ollie Lien Transition. This move is fun to practice and is a fast and clean way to transition to a new direction.

In the Surf

Remember to take baby steps when you begin riding in the surf. It’s best to start small and work your way up to bigger conditions as your skills improve.

Off the Lip

An off the lip turn is basically just a heel side carve timed to happen on the face of a wave. This is the simplest way to begin having fun in swell.

When and How to Ride Strapless

Strapless kiteboarding can open up a world of fun. Taking off the straps gives a feeling incredibly close to surfing.

Strapless Surfing: Getting to the Outside

One of the biggest challenges when riding strapless can be getting out past the waves.

Advanced Kitesurfing

It can take years to develop proper kitesurfing skills, but the great thing about wave riding is that there is always something new to learn.

Unhooking in the Waves

The idea of unhooking in the waves and blasting down the line with just one hand hanging on to your bar can sound pretty overwhelming to some riders.

Kitesurfing with a Leash

The leash debate in kitesurfing is contentious, but from my experience, the board leash has become an essential piece of equipment when packing for a trip.

Tackling Large Surf

The ease of use and power of the latest kite technology allows many kiters to get out in waves that they would never consider paddling out into.

Jumping Strapless

Boosting on a strapped board can be a lot of fun, but strapless airs add a layer of technical difficulty that makes a successful landing both challenging and rewarding.