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Intermediate Kiteboarding Skills

Now that you are up and riding, it’s time to start pushing yourself to try new things. One of the great things about kiteboarding is the number of different directions you can take it. You can focus on jumping, riding waves, or even take a trip to the mountains. The possibilities are endless.

Simple Spins

A big jump can be a lot of fun, but let’s face it: Just flying through the air over and over again can get a little boring.

Tune Your Gear

Tuning kites used to be necessary just to keep them in the air, but modern kites come with simple, accurate, and reliable rigging.

Riding Toeside

Even for many seasoned riders, riding toeside seems to be an elusive skill, not because it’s hard to do, but because it’s hard to do well.


Boot riding has seemed to gain traction again in kiteboarding and a lot of people are asking if boots are right for them.

What You Need to Know About Snow

Snowkiting is not much different than riding on water, but the environment is different. Much of the standard kiteboarding gear can be used.

Proper Pop

Proper pop is the foundation that every kiteboarding move is based on, so let’s take a moment to review how to correctly pop off the water.

Back Rolls

The back roll is one of the first tricks that most kiteboarders learn, but don’t stop there. There are many different variations of the back roll that are easy to learn and will keep your skills progressing.

Back Roll

The back roll is one of the most basic kiteboarding moves and is usually the first move that kiteboarders learn after learning basic jumps.

Back Roll to Revert

The Kiteboarder Magazine takes you through the Back Roll to Revert, a move that can easily add a bit of flair to your switch stance riding.

Twin Tip Tack

The Twin Tip Tack is a great way to change directions without loosing any ground downwind and is basically a low backroll transition.

Unhooking Basics

Unhooking will bring a whole new dimension to your riding experience. To many, unhooking seems dangerous, unobtainable, and can only be done with superhuman strength. Lucky for you, it’s easier than you may think and a new challenge is always exciting. Most importantly, it’s fun!


Unhooking the kite from your spreader bar adds full power and a whole new level of maneuverability to your riding.

The Raley

The Raley is one of the easiest unhooked moves to do in kiteboarding and is a building block for many more advanced moves.

Unhooked Front Roll

You can do the front roll either hooked in or unhooked, but the odd thing is that many people find front rolls easier unhooked.

Advanced Kiteboarding Skills

You’re ready to step up your skills and move on to the Advanced Kiteboarding Skills Section of The Kiteboarder School.

Introduction to Kite Loops

When attempting a kite loop for the first time there are many things to consider.

How to Hit Your First Rail

It can be super daunting at first, but as soon as you’re locked into a rail you’ll love it!


For you to be able to call it an S-Bend, the board has to be above your head during the rotation.

Hope to Blind

If you want to increase your balancing ability and your feel for the board as well as add some style and skill to your repertoire you can try riding blind.

Handle Passes

So, you’ve find yourself landing some pretty cool moves on the water and you think you’re ready to try some handle passes? My best advice is to build a solid foundation first.

Work up to Handle Passes

The biggest things are knowing how to pass the bar, being comfortable in the air, and being comfortable with rotations.

Back Mobe

By definition, the back mobe is a back roll with a 360 frontside handlepass.

Kitesurfing Skills

Congratulations, you are ready to move on to the Kitesurfing Skills Section of The Kiteboarder School.