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Winter 2022 // Vol. 18, No. 4

Slide on into our Winter Issue!

The Tkb editorial team drops another 120-page tomb of unmatched long-form kiteboarding journalism with the release of Vol. 18, No. 4.

On the cover: Photographer Lukas Stiller slows down the shutter and skillfully tracks the action to capture the high-speed motion of Lucas Arsenault’s impressive butter slide.

Inside this winter issue, we dial up Noè Font and learn a thing or two about the casual discipline it takes to be a filmmaker/athlete while Flysurfer’s Marie-Eve Mayrand takes us into the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies and Stig Hoefnagel spills the beans behind the existential hunt for wind in Holland. We head to Sardinia for the formula kite racing event by which all others are measured and dive deep into the outlines of Cabrinha’s new design program. Arthur Guillebert fills us in on last year’s upset and the brave new world in the freestyle tour and Paul Serin talks story of a bare-bones strike mission with the Manera team in the northwest corner of the Spanish Iberian Peninsula. 

Profiles include Santa Barbara foil addict Hunter Becker and Aussie hustler Peri Roberts. Janek Grzegorzewski advises us on our first technical kiteloops and iKitesurf Meteorologist Mike Godsey fills us in on the secret to La Ventana’s relentless winter wind patterns. We get the low-down on Slingshot’s new 5-strut big air agro machine and look back at 20 years of Flysurfer culture.

Each one of this issue’s knockout stories is accompanied by a roundup of out-of-this-world imagery selected from the industry’s best shooters that will warm up your visual senses and help you escape the winter slump. In the mail and at your local kite shop, click here to get a piece of the action: Subscribe with Tkb’s Vol. 18, No. 4

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Welcome to Vol. 18, No. 4 — Take a Peek Inside

Our interview with the prolific filmer and professional rider Noè Font reveals an impeccable eye for creating video sequences that thread emotion, grit and the legitimacy of kiteboarding into masterpieces both short-form and long.

Flysurfer’s Marie-Eve Mayrand draws us into a tight circle of elite backcountry snowkiters who have pioneered the deep snowkiting terrain buried in the expanses of the Canadian Rockies.

In his quest to showcase the authentic Netherlands experience, Dutch kiteboarding prodigy Stig Hoefnagel shares with us the good, bad and ugly of Holland’s customary wind chase.

The racing event by which all others are measured; on the southern shore of Sardinia, the old-world town of Cagliari opens its arms to kitefoil racing, the emerging Olympic class and the future of kiteboarding spectatorship.

With a culture of authentic watermen back in the ownership seat, Cabrinha opens a new chapter with an augmented R&D program that melds talent and resources with the quest for innovation.

Presiding over the debut of a new big air format combined with the historically pure technical Freestyle World Tour, Arthur Guillebert rides the fascinating shake-up to the 2021 World Championship Title.

Noting that memories are stronger when you remove a little comfort, Paul Serin spins stories of pared-down travel with the Manera team in the upper left corner of the Spanish Iberian Peninsula.

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