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Sizes Available: 5’0”x17 7/10” x 2 1/10” – 21L
Sizes Tested: 5’0”x17 7/10” x 2 1/10” – 21L

Slingshot Says:

The Converter XR V4 is a versatile all-in-one foil and kitesurfing board built to shred with or without a foil. Based on our popular Sci Fly XR model, this lightweight convertible foil board offers both versatility and performance. The flatter rocker and parallel rail outline deliver top-of-the-line efficiencies both on and off foil. This allows riders to hold down a better edge without a foil and also gives you the speed you need to get on foil. The winged-diamond tail shape provides added grip and pop for strapless freestyle tricks and it also provides added leverage when pushing off the water to get yourself on foil.

The Converter XR V4 features our XR construction, which gives the rider the feel and performance of a traditional surfboard in a lightweight package. The Converter XR V4 is by far the most versatile shape in our range and is the one-board travel quiver for kitesurfing and foiling.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/collections/kite-foil-boards/products/converter-xr-v4-50



TKB Says:

The Converter XR V4 is the foil-ready version of Slingshot’s strapless freestyle board that combines surf performance with foil tracks so that you can toggle between foilboarding and surfing to suit the conditions. Featuring Slingshot’s new XR construction the Converter XR offers a light and versatile platform that’ll serve both your surfing and kitefoiling needs.

Geared for travel, the compact shape of the Converter helps you score more sessions with less equipment. The tail is outfitted with FCS2 fin boxes in a thruster configuration as well as standard foil tracks with solid visual indicators to help you locate your foil in the same position every time. The Converter comes with the standard ¾ deck pad that features fairly thin corduroy texture and a kick pad that keeps your back foot squarely planted on the board. For those who like to use straps or half straps, the board features four inserts forward/aft that are located down the center and four options for the backfoot which have some duck built into the configuration.

Based on the classic cut-off Sci-Fly shape, the Converter feels fast with a super-efficient ride that’s quick to accelerate. The Converter flies upwind with its tight rails cutting through the chop for a comfortable but active ride. The tail rocker and outline allow the board to turn into carves with super easy initiation while still being quick and playful. For slashing waves, the Converter is super fun and perfectly suited for small to medium surf while it’s true calling is strapless freestyle with a medium grippy tail and extra tail rocker. With easy load and pop and lightweight construction, the Converter is built to stick airs with clean launches and good levitation. Although it should be noted that the track system does add some weight compared to the regular version of the Sci-Fly.

When the wind drops and kitefoiling is the soup du jour, the Converter is an excellent crossover. With its surfboard volume and thin rails this board is super easy to get into position for waterstarts and the extra float will help you reach foiling speed in lighter winds because of its longer rail line compared to a typical foilboard. It’s worth noting that a surfboard strays from a true foil platform in that the surfboard deck has more dome versus the flat or concave decks of foilboards like the Alien Air. Surfboards also have considerably more tail rocker compared to the flat rocker of foilboards, and these aspects will bring a slightly different feel to foiling. With its light construction, thin rails and nose rocker, the Converter is still a very capable foil platform that riders of all levels can appreciate when the wind goes south and foiling is the best option.

For the travel quiver or rider who frequently toggles between surf and kitefoil during the same session, the Converter brings a high-performance crossover option to the table that will allow you to pursue both disciplines without hauling the extra luggage of two dedicated boards.


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