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Tkb Review: 2022 FLYSURFER Infinity XX Bar

Flysurfer has stayed loyal to its pure performance line of bars with the continued evolution of the Infinity XX Control Bar bar which comes in two lengths (M50/L60cm) and features slightly different floats and a new colorway for this year. Our Infinity bar came with 20m (17+3m) lines.

The Infinity features a single centerline safety flag depower and a double PU-covered trim/throw line that splits through the bar’s aluminum insert to integrate an auto-rotating swivel. The safety system uses a longstanding simple push away quick release with a below the bar auto swivel, a safety travel guard, a center routed safety depower and a donkey stick that fits with the smaller sized quick release loop.

The center routed safety line runs up above the bar a good ways and attaches to one of the center lines for a complete flag out (note that the extra length of this safety line is designed to achieve full flag out on even the largest sized kites). The quick release, when opened horizontally, locks into an open position, holding the gate open. Reassembly is easy: one hand inserts the loop back into position and with the thumb, pushes on the catch button, while the other hand raises the quick release handle so the catch can move back into its closed position and the handle slides back into the locked position. The reset is a very reliable process once you’ve familiarize yourself with how it works.

The bar’s power tuning uses a Clam Cleat and the tuning toggle has Velcro so that the excess slack in the power tuning line can attach to the cleat to keep things clean. All bar lines end in loops that larks head around small stainless rings on the kite’s bridle. Changing the length of the bar is incredibly easy by simply sliding the floats up and changing the knot to the inboard or outboard end of the bar. There are three knots for adjusting the length of the outside line lengths ”” it just requires sliding up the foam floats and moving the bar’s slip knot onto the desired setting (stock is the shortest knot).

The color-coding on the bar is apparent in the floats with the left signaled by a white float and an orange leader line and the right side float is green with the bar color black all the way around. The bar grip features a fairly dense EVA grip with a microfiber texture that gives your fingers good traction and the smaller sized bar ends are hard plastic with separate foam floats.

The overall bar weight is light to medium and the balance of options and streamlined designed makes this a very functional control system that keeps the design pure and simple for high performance and durability.

Visit for more info: https://flysurfer.com/project/infinity-xx-control-bar/


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