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Sizes Available: 125x45cm
Sizes Tested: 125x45cm

Ozone Says:

The Apex is a lightweight, low volume freeride foil board that is built ultra-strong using top of the line materials and construction techniques. In any conditions the Apex excels. The low volume design allows riders to keep the board on its side for effortless strapless water starts. It offers endless potential for freeride cruising, carving waves or ripping as fast as you possibly can!

Visit for more info: www.ozonekites.com/kiteboards/kitesurf/apex-v1/



TKB Says:

At first look, the Apex features an innovative dual slot mounting system that places two generously sized tracks through the bottom of the board. With rounded T-nuts that anchor the foil’s mast plate from the top of the deck, mast gets bolted into the T-nuts with standard M6 bolts. This simple system is a refreshing departure from standard systems where the T-nuts slide around inside the board and have to line up with your mast plate’s bolt pattern. We determined it was easiest to stand the foil up and place the board on the foil with the screws partly threaded into the T-nuts and then slide them into place on the mast plate. While a bit different from the norm, we found the system robust, straight forward and easy to setup.

Ozone’s Apex board features a tough molded construction with HD foam wrapped with glass and carbon that gives the board a stiff and quite durable feel that is built to take the abuse of the learning stages or hard riding while providing longevity. The Apex adds just a bit more volume to this construction type which contributes to some extra flotation in the water. We liked this on waterstarts where the board had slightly more buoyancy, which helps with setting your feet on the board and provides a bit more stability in the initial roll-up stage of your waterstart.

The Apex’s shape has straight rails and subtle chined bevel underneath that transitions from flat underfoot to a substantial rocker into the nose. The flat section did a great job of helping us waterstart in the lightest sessions, allowing us to get up to speed and the nose rocker aids in recoveries from aggressive touchdowns or the dreaded porpoise action. We found the deck to feel super stiff so your inputs into the deck are directed with a solid crispness into the hydrofoil below. At 125cm in length the Apex falls in the middle, working for both beginner-oriented riders as well as intermediate level kitefoiling, offering a fairly agile feel without going down the micro deck rabbit hole.

The deckpad on the Apex gives you good coverage, going ¾ the way up the nose with a diamond EVA grip that provides a combo between plushness and direct feel from the board. There’s no kickpad on the tail of the board so you get deckpad coverage to the very end of the board. The board features M6 inserts for straps (which are offered separately as an accessory item) and has a ducked racing stance for the front foot with three options forward and aft, and three options down the center for the back foot strap.

Having tested this setup in both threshold conditions and high-end powered riding, we found the Apex provides a durable construction that can handle mishaps around the parking lot along with versatile performance that can take you from foiling zero to hero. Geared for progression and general freeride kitefoiling, the Apex is a dependable partner that will keep you on the water and supply a good balance of user-friendly design features that will take you all the way up to more advanced kite foiling maneuvers.


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