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Sizes Available: 127×37, 130×39, 136×40.5, 138×42, 140×42.5cm
Sizes Tested: 136×41.5cm

F-One Says:

The WTF?! has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate freestyle competition machine and has been developed to allow you to perform the most demanding tricks with ease.

Every feature of the WTF?! has been built around not only giving the rider the most pop possible, but also making it easy to release it and control. The outline of the board is both versatile and comfortable, the board tips provide a huge platform for you to launch your tricks from, while also offering a stable landing area, no matter how hard you are coming in from a move.

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TKB Says:

The WTF?! has been in the F-One lineup for a couple years now and has evolved as a performance freestyle board that has gained some versatility that broadens its reach into aggressive freeride with insane pop and a rocker that helps you land big tricks.

Design and Features
The WTF?! features a good amount of bottom shape contours with a double concave that features a V down the middle and some step channels in the side rail as well as channels through the tips. It has a two-stage rocker that features a flatter section in the middle while the rocker increases through the tips. The template is pretty wide with full surface area in the nose and it comes with F-One’s Unibox 50mm fins and three inserts for bindings or boots.

When we first picked up the board we could feel the WTF?!’s solid wood core and heftier construction that leads to a stiffer flex pattern. For a freestyle board, the weight feels good, but compared to a carbon freeride board like the Trax Carbon, the WTF?! is a much more substantial piece of freestyle machinery. When you first get planing on the water you can feel the three-stage rocker that gives the board an extra poppy feel and requires a little bit more power to ride than a standard freeride deck. Kiters tend to size up when it comes to freestyle boards like the WTF?! and ride them a bit longer in length because the extra rocker requires slightly more power, yet the WTF?! felt pretty efficient while going upwind.

When you put the WTF?! on edge it locks into an upwind track and while it feels a bit more playful than a freeride board, with some extra effort on your heel pressure, it does a fine job of tracking upwind with good speed and a plush ride through choppy conditions. When you ride the board flat on the water you can feel the rocker and rail becomes a bit more skatey with its tips and fins not biting or tracking quite as much. This skatey feel makes it very pliable for carving and friendly for transitioning the nose around along; it also helps with blind landings because your fins don’t catch, instead the board slides around however you want it.

The WTF?! shines for those who know how to aggressively load and pop a board for good amplitude. Its wide surface area in the tips generates good release and projection while the extra stiffness in the board’s flex allows you to store up energy and push hard on that tail to generate lots of vertical amplitude on your jumps. Since the bottom of the board features the V-spine and channels through the tips, the WTF?! seems to break up big impacts like smashing through chop, going up wind or landing hard without kite support. The extra rocker and channeling makes fast and hard landings feel a little softer, which helps you to absorb and control these hits and ride away without bouncing or exploding.

For those riders who are doing unsent tricks that rely on the board’s load and pop, the WTF?! is a top performer that is advanced enough to meet a pro caliber rider’s expectations but also just light and versatile enough to appeal to a freeride kiter who rides with a lot of power and appreciates a perfectly tuned load and pop launch. For those who like to carve with a skatey board that requires a little more attention to keeping the rail engaged, the WTF?! is a great choice. The WTF?! excels in the moments before a big jump when you accelerate the board and then aggressively rail into the launch because its flex, template and rocker work together to give you the control you need to transfer all that energy into big vertical jumps and you know the landing, no matter how harsh, will be a little bit easier on your knees. While not quite a beginner or casual freeride board, the WTF?! is an excellent platform for more advanced freeride kiters that are looking to push big air and freestyle with a board that can handle more aggression.

Pads and Straps
The WTF?! came with F-One’s Platinum3 Bindings which features a dual density foam bed and are available in three different sizes (S, M and L). The third version of the Platinum bindings come with the added feature that allows you to move the strap forward and aft in the foot bed to adjust the strap’s position over your arc. While you get only a single Velcro tension over the strap, this simple design keeps adjustments easy to make. Testers found the strap to have plenty of padding while the footbed uses a smooth rubbery feel that has a good amount of cupping to keep your heel centered in the pad. There’s a solid toe bump for your toes to grip into which helps your feet stay glued to the pad during aggressive riding. The smoothness of the footbed can be slippery upon your first session, but the lack of aggressive texture is appreciated over time, particularly for people with softer feet.

Overall, the Platnium3 binding keeps the recipe simple while adding some extra tensioning dimension to your strap. Bindings can get really complicated and amass extra weight, but the Platinum3 steers the middle road with a solid frame, sufficient duck adjustment and simple tensioning straps for quick non-fuss tuning on the beach.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/platinium3-bindings-2022/


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