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Sizes Available: 950
Sizes Tested: 950

Area: 965 cm²
Span: 65 cm
Aspect Ratio: 4.4

F-One Says:

The IC6 950 is very accessible and grants a surprising potential for progression. It is really the ideal first foil purchase, and its versatility will lead to fast and satisfying improvements throughout your foiling journey.

The take-off is progressive and the ride in the air super smooth. You always have complete control of your speed and path and can make the most of your freeriding sessions. Its elaborate design will enable you to ride at a very low speed or accelerate whenever needed while maintaining great maneuverability and a fantastic carving potential. The IC6 950 V.3 is designed for anyone looking to purchase a foil for the first time and progress with it, or simply to have a versatile setup able to bring high enjoyment on the water. The IC6 foil provides a stable and balanced setup, whether equipped with an 80cm aluminum fuselage for windfoiling or 70cm for kite foiling.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/ic6-950-v-3-2/



TKB Says:

When it comes to stepping into the kitefoiling game, F-One’s IC6 front wing construction combined with aluminum spars is an affordable and durable combination that inspires confidence and allows for super stability.

The IC6 950 came with an aluminum fuselage, aluminum 75cm mast and the IC6.300 rear stabilizer wing. With an easy and clear setup process, all parts of the hydrofoil bolt together with M6 torx head screws. The injected carbon wing material has the feel of durable plastic that can handle bumps and bruises without destroying fiberglass, which makes this a great option for those who are just learning how to handle the awkwardness of hydrofoils in the parking lot and in the shore launch. The weight delivers solid middle ground while giving you supreme durability with the accompanying aluminum fuselage and mast.

One of the most apparent qualities of the IC6950 is the foil’s stability that is really geared towards comfortable and user-friendly foiling in a straight line. The steering inputs on this wing are very stable and require a bit more input from the rider to do anything aggressively. Of all the axis, we found the roll axis was the most pliable, while both the pitch and yaw were very stable. The large vertical winglets on the IC6.300 stabilizer provide a lot of direction stability on the yaw axis which makes it very confidence inspiring for those that are just figuring out their balance and control.

The foil-up speed on the IC6 950 is fairly slow and user-friendly for the size of the wing, and the delivery of lift felt smooth and predictable. While we often recommend bigger and slower wings for learning, the 950’s extra stability can compensate for its medium size and work quite well for small and average size riders. The high-end foil speed is decent, such that most beginner and intermediate riders will get their speed thrills and feel incredibly comfortable due to the wing’s supreme stability. For those that are looking for a fast carving and nimble wing, the 950 does require a bit more input for aggressive riding, and riders who are used to looser setups will struggle with the extra input it takes to snap quick turns. If carving and surf performance is a priority, then the Gravity and Phantom are better alternatives or upgrades for down the line, but if you’re just getting your toes wet in the foil world, the IC6 950 will get you into the major leagues of hydrofoiling before you know it.


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