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Your Exclusive 📣 Opportunity to Own Thekiteboarder.com + Related Social Media / Email List / Digital Assets 📈🔥

TheKiteBoarder.com, has been a labor of love, catering to kiteboarding & kitesurfing enthusiasts worldwide for over 12 years. You probably already recognize the name if you are in the industry.

TheKiteBoarder.com has decided to stop publishing and sell off its website, magazine assets, social media accounts, and all digital assets. This could be a perfect opportunity for any kitesurfing, kiteboarding, or related products company to acquire and use to boost your marketing and website. We’ve achieved remarkable success, with impressive data to support its potential as a valuable asset for your business.

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If you are interested we’d be happy to discuss with you and negotiate the sale price and other details. Please don’t hesitate to reply to this email, or schedule an appointment:

Website: 🤩 72.6k Unique Visitors Per Month according to Cloudflare, and Google Analytics shows 2.7k weekly organic search visits: Our website attracts a highly engaged audience of kite boarding enthusiasts, generating substantial monthly traffic. The web site is a high domain authority of 40 – 50, with 311k high quality backlinks and 4k linking websites. You can add your kiteboarding / kitesurfing related marketing materials to thekiteboarder.com website, redirect content, add links for search engine optimization, or use other strategies to boost your main website. There are over 9000 high quality content posts / articles that you can use and repurpose.

Magazines: All professionally produced and edited past issues of The KiteBoarder magazine will all be owned by your company. All 50+ issues: International Travel Guides, Buyer’s Guides, Instructional Guides, and regular issues.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_kiteboarder/?hl=en, we have amassed a dedicated following of 33.5k kite boarding enthusiasts, offering a ready-made community for your products and brand.

YouTube: Our YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/theringmedia, boasts 6.27k subscribers, providing an ideal platform to showcase your kite boarding products and engage with our passionate audience. Over 713 videos and 3.9 million views 🔥😎!

Facebook: Our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/thekiteboardermagazine/, has a staggering 93k followers, offering a wide reach for your marketing efforts and product launches.

X / Twitter: On X / Twitter, we have 12.3k followers https://twitter.com/The_Kiteboarder, providing real-time updates and engagement opportunities with our community.

Newsletter Subscribers: 8.6k Unlock the power of our high-quality kiteboarding newsletter subscriber list to reach and engage with a captive audience of passionate enthusiasts eager for your products and services.

By acquiring Thekiteboarder.com, you would gain immediate access to a thriving and engaged kiteboarding / kitesurfing audience, making it easier than ever to promote and sell your kiteboarding products. With a well-established online presence and a proven track record, we believe this website could seamlessly integrate into your existing business strategy.

This is a content marketing goldmine. Use it to boost your own business website traffic, improve your search engine rankings by linking from relevant content, and gain a huge valuable list of followers.

If you have done marketing you know how much time, effort and money it would take to build all of this website content, make and edit these videos, gather incoming website links and traffic would take (aren’t those “please link to us” emails a drag?). Get a huge BOOST and make a wise investment for your kiteboarding company.

[[ Please email [email protected] if you are interested ]]

[[ Setup a quick meeting to learn more: https://calendly.com/kjavitz/ ]]