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Kite Reviews

Tkb Review: 2020 CABRINHA Switchblade

Powerful all around lift-off machine

Tkb Surf Test: 2020 NAISH Slash

Speedy Gonzalez wave machine

Tkb Surf Test: 2020 FLYSURFER Stoke 2

Reliable and user-friendly surf crossover

Tkb Surf Test: 2019 F-ONE Bandit XII

Fast, nimble and built for surf and freeride

Tkb Surf Test: 2020 SLINGSHOT Rally GT

New standard in progression freeride comfort

Tkb Surf Test: 2020 Slingshot SST V5

Upgraded feedback and power band

Board Reviews

Tkb Review: 2020 NORTH Prime

This friend will take you everywhere you need to go

Tkb Review: 2020 CABRINHA Cutlass

Versatile board capable of making everything fun

Tkb Review: 2020 F-ONE Trax ESL

A twin tip built to fly up wind

Tkb Review: 2020 SLINGSHOT Sci-Fly

Someone, please give this board an award

Tkb Review: 2020 OZONE Base V1

Pitch perfect progression freeride board

Tkb Review: 2020 DUOTONE Pro Fish

Go Fish for the ultimate fun

Accessory Reviews

Tkb Product Review: Solite Boots

Durable, supportive and custom-fit

Tkb Product Review: Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet

UNDERWATER AUDIO Says: More than just a waterproof MP3 player, the Delphin utilizes an Android operating system, touchscreen, and WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities to take waterproof listening to the next level. Now you can wirelessly download and sync with your favorite audio apps, then hit the water while listening to your Spotify playlists, Pandora Premium […]

Tkb Product Review: KEYFENDER®

Waterproof car key case


Nature’s first aid kit


Easier than ever dual inflation transition