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CrazyFly 2016

Showcasing the latest gear in the crystal clear waters of St. Lucia and the Grenadines
Photo Andre Magarao

2015 Buyers Guide: CRAZYFLY

For 2015, the company has 52 different twin tip and surf models to choose from with a few new exciting additions and tweaks.

TKB LW Review: 2014 CRAZYFLY Cruiser

The 2014 CrazyFly Cruiser LW features a lightweight all-wood core and testers gave high praise for its excellent early planing and easy upwind ability.

TKB Review: 2014 CRAZYFLY Tango

The Tango is a 3-strut C-style medium-low aspect kite that CrazyFly bills as a jack of all trades that our testers found to have lighter bar pressure, easy relaunch and lots of low end power with average turning and upwind ability.

TKB Review: 2014 CRAZYFLY Sculp

The 2014 Sculp is a medium aspect 3-strut kite that is billed as CrazyFly’s freeride / freestyle kite we found to have excellent low end power while still going upwind relatively well with middle of the road jumping performance.
Photo Cedric Schmidt/Defy Gravity

2014 Buyer’s Guide: CrazyFly

Based in Slovakia, CrazyFly is a family business that distributes kites, boards, and accessories to 60 countries and also has their own factory where they produce their boards and bars in house.