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Sizes Available: 145 x 44, 145 x 48cm
Sizes Tested: 145 x 48

CrazyFly Says:

The Cruiser is a light wind machine with a proven shape and construction. The name sums it up perfectly: Cruising around, having fun and enjoying the ride even in the lightest winds. But of course, this board can handle a lot more than that”¦ Due to its unique core construction and extremely light layers of carbon, the Cruiser can also be seriously abused. The very well balanced medium flex of this board suits intermediate and advanced riders, it rides comfortably in choppy waters and the flat rocker and squared outline ensure that it is an incredible light wind board.

The Cruiser has the lightest and strongest wood core in our entire range, which is reinforced with carbon ensuring that the board is very light – even in the bigger sizes.

Visit for more info: www.crazyflykites.com/cf2016/boards/cruiser


Tkb Says:

The Cruiser is one of the standout boards of the light wind test that skirt the fine line between a fun performance-oriented ride and an early planer capable of giving you the glide you need in underpowered conditions. The Cruiser uses shorter length and a wider template with a simple bottom shape and subtle concave. You can carve the Cruiser and load and pop doesn’t feel like you’re trying to launch an aircraft carrier, but you will want use the kite for a softer touchdown. Like most light wind boards, the Cruiser’s width is not knee-friendly on hard landings, so just plan on kite assisted landings to avoid jarring your body. The heelside rail is straight and pulls at the tip which we think helps the Cruiser handle the chop well for its size. The straps and pads come with two stance width options and tons of duck adjustment and the pads are CrazyFly’s clean, comfortable design that have earned rave reviews in previous tests. The Cruiser is a solid choice for those looking for a light wind board that leaves the fun in freestyle.