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Sizes Available: 15, 17, 19m
Sizes Tested: 19m

CrazyFly Says:

The Cruze delivers consistent power with ultimate upwind capabilities for the best light wind experience. With its flat-delta shape, deep profile, and high aspect ratio, the Cruze generates a lot of power even in marginal wind conditions. Despite its larger size, the Cruze maintains the agility of a smaller kite thanks to its shape. The squared wingtips ensure stability as well as quick and precise turning for a kite of this size. To maximize performance in the lightest sea breezes, we stripped down weight wherever possible without sacrificing the rigidity of the kite. Simple bridle and rock solid construction result in a very user friendly light bar feel.

Visit for more info: https://www.crazyflykites.com/cf2016/kites/cruze


TKB Says:

The 19m Cruze is a medium aspect dedicated light wind machine with swooped tips that we put to the test in the lightest conditions. The Cruze offers it’s complete angle of attack all within a relatively short distance of throw. The Cruze was the biggest kite in the test and was our go to kite when the winds dropped and got us out in the lightest winds while delivering an excellent balance between grunt and upwind ability. The Cruze turns like a 19m, no faster yet no slower, but it was exactly what we wanted for staying upwind in challenging onshore conditions with a little extra umph for some low altitude freestyle.


The Cruze comes with the Sick Bar which is a fixed length (40, 45, 50, 55cm) full carbon bar. For 2016, the bar ends were upgraded and modified so they are soft enough to be safe but firm enough to keep your lines wound onto the bar. The Sick bar features a PVC sheeting/throw line for increased longevity, a single center-line safety in which the larger diameter safety line runs a good ways up the length of the bar which incorporates a very clean kite kill with a low V setup. The Sick bar also features a plastic push away quick release with a below the bar hand swivel that doubles as a travel guard and an above the bar tuning cleat with Velcro for stowing excess slack in the depower line. The grip is a thinner diameter with firm density and offers excellent good grip.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.crazyflykites.com/cf2016/sick-bar