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Sizes Available: 132 x 41cm, 136 x 41cm, 140 x 42cm
Sizes Tested: 136 x 41cm

CrazyFly Says:

The 2018 Shox is the ultimate upwind machine and the most comfortable freeride board in our range for intermediate to advanced riders. We are extremely proud to offer the most environmentally friendly kiteboard. With help from our supplier, new technologies and new machinery, we are able to produce the Shox edition kiteboard with almost zero waste in production.

The Shox takes advantage of our Multi Channel bottom shape and Concave Tips to provide unmatched upwind performance while increasing the overall all-around abilities of the board. Step Cap deck technology allows for thinner rails and sharper edging. The construction layup combines recycled fiberglass and X carbon on the deck for a dynamic feel and optimized pop.

The environmental aspects of this board’s construction does not sacrifice anything in terms of performance on the water. The Shox works a treat! Full wood core and the Multi Channel Bottom shape offer the most comfortable freeride and top notch upwind performance, particularly when mated with Hexa Bindings for unmatched comfort and board feel.

Visit for more info: www.crazyflykites.com/cf2018/boards/shox

Our Testers Say:

“Good all-around board, solid jumping and carving, great size straps and pads””general good all-around cruiser.” // Davey Beard

“Super comfortable to ride, great dampening properties in the chop, edges, carves tracks well””one of my favorites.” // Tom Turley

“A great option in the CF lineup, the Shox offers a lightweight board with a fairly skatey feel that can still grip and edge and load and pop like a boss.” // Justin Lord

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Shox is a different turn on the Crazy Fly recipe with a construction method that touts its environmental friendliness and overall performance geared to the freeride intermediate and advanced riders that prize upwind ability. The Shox features a wider template than the other CF boards tested with a middle of the road flex pattern, larger 5.0 fins and a rocker pattern that gives this board a really locked in feel. The Shox falls into Crazy Fly’s pure freeride category and seemed to grip slightly more so than the Raptors we tested and really wanted to charge upwind with its multi-channel bottom shape and larger sized fins. Testers praised the Shox’s grip on the water and gave it solid praise for its user-friendly jumping and solid upwind ability. With its extra width and grippy straight line tracking this board is an upwind machine for the casual freerider who wants prizes a solid user-friendly ride with a medium flex pattern over the more aggressive freestyle you get out of the Raptor models.

The Shox came with the Hexa pad and strap system which received high praise from our testers for their all around comfort and adjustability. The footbed features a fair amount of heel cup in the back, some gentle contours under the arch and a solid toe grip up front to keep your foot in place during big moves. The dot-style grip EVA on the pad is grippy and strikes an excellent balance between plush and density factor to maintain solid control of the board with enough cushion for hard landings or pounding through the worst chop.


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