If you’ve never been to Nitinat Lake, it’s like a little time machine. Unlike many kite destinations, so little has changed here. You’ll still get the peaceful giddiness that the windsurfers of the 1960s felt: perfect conditions, giant trees, no cell phones and no roads. Camping at the lake is hard on the body, but easy on the soul. Each day ends with a campfire and a sense of victorious relaxation.


Photo: Ethan Horan

2015 is officially a super summer at Nitinat Lake. It’s been blowing 30 knots all day, every day. Some would call these once in a decade conditions in Canada.

Luke FB-10

Photo: Christopher Curran

Nitinat Lake puts on a show every day, not only with the kiting, but also with the huge old growth trees, stingless jellyfish by the millions and a whale that sneaks in through a gap from the ocean. Because there are no lights at night, the stars in the sky twinkle with grandeur, while the water lights up with bioluminescence.

Luke FB-11

Photo: Christopher Curran

If you’re still looking for some encouragement to make the drive down the logging roads, look no further than the 2015 Nitinat Windfest. Part kite contest, part music festival, Nitinat Windfest is an iconic event. With lots of competitions including big air, strapless, freestyle, twin tip slalom, foilboard, and race categories, Nitinat has something to offer every kiter.


Get your stoke on and checkout the Windfest website at: www.Windfest.ca

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