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Sizes Available: 137.2×53.8×5.3cm – 21L
Sizes Tested: 137.2×53.8×5.3cm – 21L

Slingshot Says:

We developed the all-new Alien Air V4 to make foiling as easy as possible. Featuring a reduced volume construction, the Alien Air V4 is now even easier to water start and progress to more advanced foiling.

The Alien Air has taught more people how to foil than almost any other foil board. Now in its 4th iteration, the board has been fully optimized for foiling progression. We built the Alien Air V4 to give new foilers the board they need to learn and advance their foil skills. Featuring subtle chined rails and an effective nose rocker, the Alien Air will keep you on foil. The Alien Air V4 will have anyone and everyone progressing to full-time foiler in no time.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/collections/kite-foil-boards/products/alien-air-v4-46


TKB Says:

The Alien Air is now in its 4th version and has undergone some changes this year to its shape and volume that tweak the beginner foilboard equation just a step further in ease-of-use and reliability.

This latest version of the Alien Air sheds 5.2L from versions past, but still offers a good amount of volume for helping riders get through their first couple of hydrofoiling seasons. The template is still quite round and the rails have some thickness to them, but quite a bit less heft than the previous version. The bottom shape features a classic double concave with a faded spine down the center that helps the board release from the water on takeoffs and softens hard touchdowns. The rails are beveled/chined but are a bit tighter and less bulky than years past. The deckpad, which covers the entire deck from tip to tail, is a smooth corduroy that focuses on grip and transferring the sensation of the board to your feet with the added bonus of a kick to keep you glued to the board. The Alien Air comes with a substantial number of strap insert options with four forward/aft options for the front foot in both a centered or ducked stance and four backfoot options as well to dial in perfect foot placement.

It’s clear that Slingshot has been working on the formula for the perfect beginner/entry-level hydrofoil board, and that still includes a deck that has enough volume and float to assist in the roll-up onto the board and the taxi approach into flight. With the thinner rails and less volume, the V4 of the Alien Air has rails that are easier to grab and maneuver while the lower volume makes it easier to set and hold the board on edge for strapless or single/double strap waterstarts. Yet with its wider template, there’s still enough volume to help you get the board moving in the water without having to rig a bigger kite and be stuck with a lot of extra power.

We were really impressed with the Alien Air’s ease-of-use in the moments before foil-up. The solid volume works with the new template to give you a stable platform as you power up to take-off. The reduction in volume makes the board feel more nimble and less corky, yet the flat surface in the back combines with the rocker in the nose to make riding the board easy and intuitive. One of the great features of the wider template is that there’s plenty of deck space to move your feet during transitions and the board is incredibly stable from side to side in the water. The rounder template runs the risk of sticking a rail into the chop during aggressive riding, but the beveled rail does a good job of releasing the rail from the water and recovering. The scoop in the nose rocker helped avoid submarining the deck on touchdowns, but at the same time the kick in the nose isn’t so severe that it looks like an awkward beginner board.

With a lots of strap placements and the adjustable mast tracks on the bottom, the Alien Air V4 is a great beginner deck that allows you to tune the board for the different levels of progression. The Alien Air will get you going as smoothly as possible and keep you cruising through every stage of progression. With the changes to the template and volume, the Alien Air V4 remains a classic board that is a top choice for beginner/entry level and larger riders looking to master kitefoiling with every advantage at their fingertips.


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