TKB Review: 2014 CABRINHA Velocity

The 2014 Velocity is a 5-strut high aspect kite which doubles as both Cabrinha’s race kite and a high performing freeride kite in low winds.

TKB Review: 2014 CABRINHA Tronic

Testers gave high praise for the comfort of the Cabrinha H1 pads and straps as well as the Tronic's user friendly tracking through aggressive chop.

TKB Review: 2014 CABRINHA Switchblade (Siren)

The Switchblade is a medium aspect 5-strut kite marketed as an all-around freestyle kite which testers praised for its solid steering response, power building in its sweeping turns, easy relaunch and ability to go upwind.

TKB Review: 2014 CABRINHA Vector

The Vector is a moderately low aspect 3-strut free-ride kite that shines with its precise steering response, and dependable power delivery.

The Rise

Liam Whaley's Brazilian training pays off

2014 Buyer’s Guide: Cabrinha

After a big revamp of the entire line in 2013, the 2014 product year sees more improvements from Cabrinha including the return of the light wind Contra kite and the introduction of a very unique adjustable control bar.

The Race Board

Brian Kender talks light wind and the need for speed.


This homemade strapless board for sliders will put a smile on your face

Chasing Rainbows

This edit from Hawaii and Ireland will leave you coveting waves and wanting to wander

Maui Movement

James Boulding and Sam Medysky team up and ride Hawaii.

VIDEO: Change

James Boulding on location in Hawaii and the necessity of change.