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CABRINHA Hi:Rise Varial Small
Sizes Available: Chord: 226mm, Projected area: 116,508.2 mm²,Wingspan: 685.4mm, Mast Sizes: 65cm, 85cm
Sizes Tested: Chord: 226mm, Projected area: 116,508.2 mm²,Wingspan: 685.4mm, Mast: 65cm

Cabrinha Says:

The new HI:RISE VARIAL are the most progressive wing sets we’ve ever made. These lean foils are universally adaptable to surfing, wake surfing, kitesurfing, SUP, and Windsurfing. The possibilities are infinite, the performance is ultimate. The Varial wing is specifically designed for any rider looking for a diverse wing set that can take you from your first steps to next level freeride and waves.

The Varial’s moderate aspect ratio outline and winglets combine with a faster leaner profile for an efficient blend of lift and drive. Each pump of the wing generates incredible forward momentum. Throw the board into a banking turn and the wing will redirect like it’s connected to rails. The winglets provide an added level of stability to the wing and reduces induced drag thereby increasing aerodynamic efficiency, especially when riding through turbulent waters. The rear wing can be adjusted forward or aft to increase the ability to “carve” or facilitate a more ‘locked-in’ ride. These light weight wings are constructed with a Pauwlonia wood core and durable Basalt fibers. The wingset mounts to our all new 75cm (29.5 inch) wide nosed fuselage. The wider nose of the fuselage facilitates a significantly more stable connection to the wing.

Visit for more info: www.cabrinhakites.com/collections/foils/products/hi-rise-varial-small

Tkb Says:

The Hi:Rise Varial Small offers a solid freeride carving wing that gives you a little bit higher top-end speed while still staying within the zone of a fun carving foil. The Hi:Rise Varial Small uses three hex Allen screws to mount the front wing and two of the same size screws to mount the rear stabilizer. Because the front wing has a different thickness, there is a visual indicator next to each hole to show you the screw length that goes with that mounting point (very convenient). The fuselage has three mounting forward/aft positions for the rear stabilizer to adjust stability and reactivity. The mast base plate is machined out for lighter weight and comes with an 85cm mast.

The Hi:Rise Varial Small setup is part of the Cabrinha foil system that offers three wings (small, medium and large) that cover the freeride range of carve-oriented products. The small wing is targeted toward smaller foilboarders who aren’t looking for as much lift as well as those who want a little bit higher top speeds while still retaining user-friendly carving attributes. If speed is your thing, Cabrinha makes a dedicated drag racing platform called the AV8, so the smaller  Hi:Rise Varial is really just to round out the freeride carving foils. The Hi:Rise Varial system with the Small wing requires a little faster of a foil-up speed before the wing starts creating lift and doesn’t have quite as smooth a transition into lift-off as the Medium wing, but silky smooth initial lift delivery is splitting hairs and something you often experience with smaller wings. The handling on the Varial Small delivered the same incredibly balanced input and reactivity we highlighted with the Medium wing, such that all the axes’ inputs were perfectly even and intuitive. Sometimes while swapping through different foils you have to make mental notes and compensate, but none is needed with the Varial because it is perfectly tuned. The top-end speed on the Small Varial wing gives you a bit higher speeds than what you get with the larger wings in the line, but it’s still got its sight focused on the rider that wants to carve bigger open swells. The foil-down speed is a bit higher, so you can’t stall this design at super slow speeds like the bigger wings, but you can still play with smaller swells if you keep an eye on your speed. The Varial Small really came alive carving faster windswell where staying in the slope at higher speeds helped to keep the glide alive. This wing can still pump and is super fun for carving big and medium carves.  Who will get the most benefit out of this design? Ideally, we’d point kiters toward the Hi:Rise Varial Small that want a freeride foil that has solid all-around carving with just a little bit of lower lift along with higher low and top speed that can cover more distance and rail upwind.

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