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CABRINHA Autopilot
Sizes Available: 5’2″ x 21″ x 2.2″, 33L, 5’6″ x 21.4″ x 2.2″, 36L
Sizes Tested: 5’2″ x 21″ x 2.2″, 33L

Cabrinha Says:

The all new Autopilot foil board literally flies Cabrinha into the next generation of surfing. This remastered design brings forward years of Cabrinha’s pioneering experience in the foilboarding realm. Designed for any rider looking for a diverse multifunctional board, the Autopilot is a high-performance craft that, like its name, is incredibly intuitive and easy to ride, taking you from your first steps of surfing to next level freeride and waves. Whether you want to be towed by a kite or paddle in prone, the Autopilot defines the state of foil boarding today. Compatible with Hi:Rise foil eco system.

Visit for more info: www.cabrinhakites.com/collections/boards/products/autopilot

Tkb Says:

What can we say about this foilboard other than that this surf deck inspires ‘love at first sight’ for wind focused watermen and women. The Autopilot is the single board quiver that intermediate and advanced kiters along with advanced wingsurfers and foilersurfers can take into any condition and dominate with user-friendly fun performance. The Autopilot is a strapless foil platform that features a wider template board with hard chined rails that offers a fairly flat middle and tail rocker with a subtle nose rocker. The Autopilot comes with a tail pad that offers a kick and the front foot area requires the application of wax. The bottom side features a flat bottom with a mast track that features nice visual indicators to set the mast plate in the same spot every time.

The Autopilot is the one board we could put in our car to be prepared for any of the sports we like to do without compromise. Paddling into a mushy wave before the wind comes up, launching a foil kite and ripping circles and duck tacks in 6-knots of wind or when the wind starts cranking, bringing out a wingsurfer to perfect our glide game out in the channel, the Autopilot is truly a one-b0ard wonder. The wider template helps extend the range of this board with easy kite waterstarts in lighter wind, but its surprisingly lightweight construction makes its wider outline extremely nimble for aggressive riding. If the wind dies, you can rotate your harness backwards and begin paddling back to shore with the Autopilot’s extra volume and efficient paddling speed helping you fearlessly attack the lowest percentage light wind sessions.

Members of our team perfected sinking wingsurfing waterstarts with the Autopilot; its volume offers the perfect flotation for a sinking board for small/medium-sized intermediate and advanced skilled wingsurfers. The wider template helps keep the board stable underwater, there’s enough volume to help you use the inflatable wing to pump onto a plane and the surface area feels efficient and fast and easy to pump onto foil plane in marginal conditions.

Strapless waterstarting with a kite was fairly easy by placing our feet on the edge of the board and the surface area helped us get started in underpowered conditions where pumping the foil wing can be just as instrumental. The hard chine or reverse rails work to release the rail from accidental touchdowns while turning or railing upwind and the nose rocker is subtle enough to fend off mild mistakes. Sometimes when we use our high volume stubby prone foilsurfing boards for kiting, the thickness of the board makes kitefoiling inputs feel clumsy. The Autopilot gives you volume without thickening the depth of the foam core and this keeps inputs into the wing below feeling lively and crisp. The Autopilot may not be the best beginner board (unless you are dedicated strapless beginner) but it is a remarkable platform for the ‘do it all’ minded kitesurfer looking for one board that truly excels across several disciplines.

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