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Sizes Available: 133cm x 38.5cm, 135cm x 40cm, 138cm x 41.5cm, 141cm x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 138cm x 41.5cm

Cabrinha Says:

Designed for freeride creatives looking to bend the rule of gravity with a forgiving, all conditions board, the Ace Wood is a highly versatile performance freeride model. Its outline is a hybrid of freestyle and freeride which opens up a world of options when it comes to its range of use. This all-wood version erases the lines between riding genres to create an exciting new approach to kiteboarding. The wood construction will tame rough and choppy waters allowing you greater edge control. Greater edge control leads to greater pop, greater pop leads to big air. What you do when you are up there is all up to you.

Visit for more info: www.cabrinhakites.com/collections/boards/products/ace-carbon

Our Testers Say:

“Single Velcro straps work fine; is comfy and soft. Great board with nice design, durable finish and decent chop handling.” // Roland Erni

“Stable and fun to ride, great all-around board to jump and carve with a comfortable ride. Stable and comfortable pads.” // Marko Bartscherer

“Likes a more aggressive rider that can control the slightly boxier freestyle outline through chop; with more technique and energy into load and pop comes higher performance freeride and freestyle riding.” // Matt Kargl

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The shape of the Cabrinha Ace says it all with a nice rounded mid-section and boxy tips that blends freeride and freestyle into a carefully balanced ride that mixes user-friendly edge control with high performance level load and pop. The bottom shape features a single concave with channels that erupt closer towards the tips. The Ace edges upwind really well with a middle of the road tracking feel that delivers a fairly locked in grip that also breaks loose for blind landings and transitions. There’s no problem with chop, but the overall feel isn’t quite as soft and forgiving as the Spectrum we tested. The Ace feels really fast and efficient through the water and with the stiffer core, you really want to put some energy into your load and pop. The semi-square tips and stiffer flex pattern yield better load and pop for better projection and the stiffer rocker can handle harder landings without deforming. Carves are fun on this board with good grip — you can lay solidly into turns and roll from rail to rail fairly easily. The Ace is the board for more ambitious riders that want a little harder charging steed that can push back on more aggressive input and perform for the more advanced twin-tip rider.

Our Ace came with three inserts to adjust stance width on Cabrinha’s H1N bindings which feature three straightforward settings for setting stance duck. The H1N bindings feature a fairly dense footbed that is fairly flat without much for contours. The pads feature a rubbery pattern throughout that offers middle of the road grip and a subtle toe bump. The straps are a single Velcro adjustment strap that feels fairly narrow from side to side. The H1 is a fairly straightforward entry-level strap that keeps your foot in place, but lacks the adjustment and all-inclusive feel that you get with Cabrinha’s premium H20 system.

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