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Kitesurfing on a strapless surfboard is one of the most rewarding things you can do while powered by a kite, but before you head to the waves you have to first learn how to get up on a surfboard without straps.

Start off in flat water or on a day with small waves and walk out until you are in at least knee deep water. Position your board downwind of you and sit back in the water. Place your feet on the board and apply pressure to your heels as you gently fly your kite back and forth at the top of the window. This will allow the water pressure on the bottom of the board to keep the board against your feet. When you are ready to go, simply dive the kite and point the board slightly downwind. Remember to keep your knees bent as you get up. Once you are up you can apply edge pressure and head upwind.

Once you are able to easily get up on your surfboard from a position in the water, you can work on hopping onto your board to get started. Walk into at least knee deep water and place your board downwind. With your front foot on the board, you can control the direction of the board until it is pointing slightly downwind. Start with your kite at the top of the window and dive your kite while stepping onto your board with your back foot. It’s important that you point your board slightly downwind as you take off.

Eventually, you will be able to simply throw your board in the water and hop up with both feet as you dive your kite as you head out to the surf.