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An off the lip turn is basically just a heelside carve timed to happen on the face of a wave. This is the simplest way to begin having fun in swell. Practice this turn in small waves before moving up to the big ones as mistakes will hurt a lot less. Remember, you have to learn to walk before you can run!

1. Approach the wave toeside with your kite about 60º above the water. Timing is the most important aspect of the off the lip turn. You want to be carving across the top of the wave just before it breaks.
2. As you near the wave, flatten out your board and build speed.
3. Just as you get to the bottom of the wave, move your kite up to the top of the window.
4. Stomp hard on your tail and whip your board around back towards the beach. Bend your knees as the board comes around. If you timed it right, you will go flying across the vertical or near vertical face of the wave.

off-hook-25. Dive your kite towards the beach so you can ride away with speed.

Ӣ The faster you are moving and the tighter you turn, the more spray will be thrown off the top of the wave.
Ӣ If you are skipping out and falling on your butt, make sure you are bending your knees, especially your front knee, through the turn.
Ӣ If you are falling off the back of the wave instead of carving onto it, you are not carving a tight enough turn. Try being a little more aggressive, entering the turn with more speed and really throwing your weight onto the tail of your board.