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Slingshot Sports is pleased to announce that Fred Hope has been appointed as a Product Testing Administrator working with the Design and Supply team.

Hope, a notable team rider in the kite and kitefoiling world for Slingshot since 2015, will continue to be a team rider. He starts his new role on February 1st and will be working out of Slingshot Sports’ Headquarters in Hood River, Oregon, and Baja, Mexico.

Hope brings an abundance of knowledge in product creation and testing. He will oversee all facets of the testing team, process, and budgets, to advance the performance, vision, and quality of Slingshot products. “I can’t think of a better person suited for this job,” says Matt Gustafsen, Slingshot Design and Supply Manager, “Fred’s character, experience, and raw talent, seamlessly blend with the Slingshot culture and that combination will produce world class results.”

“My first interaction with anyone from Slingshot was, of course, Tony Logosz,” said Fred. “He put me out at the event site, in Hood River, on a new kite that I had never seen before. As a 15-year-old, it was one of the most extraordinary experiences ever. When I returned to the beach expecting to give the kite back, he told me to keep it for the rest of the summer. Without that kindness and generosity, I would not be where I am today. Tony’s friendly approach is consistent with everyone involved at Slingshot. Working closely with this family to bring exceptional products to market is an exciting and incredible opportunity.”