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Sizes Available: Infinity 63cm
Sizes Tested: Infinity 63cm

Surface Area: 1231cm2
Aspect Ratio: 3.24
Span: 63cm

Slingshot Says:

Taking design inspiration and cues from our carbon foil ranges, we have developed the all-new Hover Glide FKite V5. Featuring an all-new front wing (the Infinity 63), the Hover Glide FKite V5 has equal parts stability, lift, speed and maneuverability, equating to one of the most intuitive foils ever produced. Its perfect blend of performance and comfort gives riders the safety and confidence to learn how to foil effectively and then progress quickly. The Infinity 63 wing also features our Safe-T Winglets, which provide a softer edge to help prevent injury should you come in contact with your foil. The Safe-T Winglets also provide added stability, which gives riders even more confidence to progress.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/products/hover-glide-fkite-v5


TKB Says:

The Hover Glide FKite package is designed to get you on the water and provide easy access to foiling with its supreme durability and a super stable platform with a modular system that allows for ample upgrades down the line. Popular in every corner of the world, many foilers have gotten their start with the Hover Glide, and the FKite package continues that legacy of user-friendly all-around performance.

The evolving FKite package now comes with the Infinity 63 wing, which features a carbon wrapped construction that pairs with an aluminum fuselage and a 71cm aluminum mast for a sturdy package that can take the abuse of learning in any kind of environment. The Hover Glide bolts together with M8 Allen bolts and pairs with the 42cm rear stabilizer that features subtle upturned winglets for extra stability. The mast plate features the slit mounting grooves that allow you to slip the mast in and out without unscrewing the mounting bolts from the inserts in your board.

The Infinity 63 shines with its smooth and easy foil-up that begins to deliver lift at a fairly slow and comfortable board speed that’s appropriate for beginner and intermediate foilers. In terms of steering, the yaw axis is really stable with the roll axis feeling a little more active and in line with the pitch input. We attributed the extra stability in the yaw axis to the wingtlets on the 42cm stabilizer, which gives the Infinity 63 some extra stability for straight line cruising and lends to smooth turns that require intention from the rider and rarely catches you off guard. The construction on the Fkite is bomber with the aluminum spars and Slingshot’s extra durable carbon wing construction that can take the beating that typically comes with handling hydrofoils for the first time. The durability does come with some extra weight, but that is most noticeable on the beach, whereas in the water, the Infinity 63 feels efficient and maneuverable.

At home with broad turns and stable intuitive tracking, the FKite package is great for mastering transitions and stable enough to help you through swapping your feet. The Infinity 63 features positive front foot pressure which requires you to lean forward to accelerate and this tends to help foilers that have trouble controlling the extra speed that sometimes accompanies your initial settings.

Overall, the FKite remains a winning package that offers the slower speed and extra stability that assists early progression while having the durability that will survive the bump and grind abuse typical of a beginner foiler. With just enough agility to remain fun for casual carving, the Infinity 63 will be a great companion through your first stages of hydrofoiling and because the Hover Glide system is compatible with Slingshot’s Phantasm line of foils, you can slowly build your way into a high-performance setup when that day arrives.


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