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Introducing Slingshot’s Super Surf Technology

Slingshot is proud to finally unveil the SST V6. Designed to the standards of wave-riding pioneer and industry icon, Ben Wilson, this all-new iteration of the SST builds upon its legendary legacy. The SST V6 is lighter and more streamlined with a strategic design to progress the development of wave-riding performance. From Cloudbreak to your home break, the SST V6 will have riders everywhere progressing in the surf and beyond.

For 2022, Slingshot has evolved the SST, their legendary kitesurfing kite, to be better than ever for any wave in the world. Features include a completely redesigned wingtip shape and geometry. The additional curve of the wingtip combined with their IRS bridle technology provides added range and has completely revolutionized the SST V6’s upwind performance and water relaunch. The SST V6’s ultralight and ultra-thin micro-struts provide plenty of overall structure to the kite while still keeping the overall weight down, enabling next level drift and response. To further strategically scale down weight, Slingshot reduced their canopy paneling by more than 50% as well as implemented their new premium lightweight IRS bridle.

Slingshot built the SST V6 to allow you to dominate any wave in the world on any board in your quiver””it’s a state-of-the-art design for pure kitesurfing performance. The SST V6 delivers next-level speed, drift and response while also providing the rider with great upwind reach and the confidence of quick water relaunch.

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