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Now built with Slingshot’s new Hot Sheet 10k Carbon Stringer, the Asylum returns for 2021 as a top choice for freestyle and core riders. Thanks to its unique blend of tip/tail channels and aggressive rocker, the Asylum smoothly yields both pop and grip like no other board Slingshot makes.

More about the 2021 Asylum
A hard-charging freestyle favorite, the 2021 Asylum is a performance board loaded with cutting-edge design features for aggressive riders who like to go big, ride fully powered and push the limits in the name of progression. For 2021, the Asylum’s flex has been optimized with our new Hot Sheet 10k Carbon Stringer, which delivers massive pop and outstanding flex/rebound characteristics. Tip/tail channels and chined rails offer all the drive you need for upwind performance, as well as insane tracking through all water conditions. However you choose to ride your Asylum (it’s engineered to ride with or without fins), rest assured the Asylum is backed by Slingshot’s legendary construction and durability.