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Put your F-One V1 wings on a V2 mast with F-One’s new FCD Mast Foot Adapter. The guys at F-One America made this short how-to video to show you how their FCD Mast Foot Adapter makes F-One’s V1 and V2 foils compatible.

The FCD Mast Foot Adapter will help you in the following scenarios,

  1. You have a F-One V1 foilboard that has a KF or DKF box and you want latest V2 foil ”“ For example a Mitu Convertible model 2018 and prior or Foilboard Bamboo or Carbon model V1. The box position on the V1 boards makes it mandatory to use a V1 mast foot and V1 fuselage (wing is closer to the mast than the V2 models). With the FCD Mast Foot Adapter, you can get a V2 foil with all its different mast sizes (45/55/65/75/85/95cm), wing choices (510/650/800/850/900/1000) and head mast choices (KF, DKF). The only V1 part you will need is a V1 fuselage.
  2. You want to buy a F-One Package V1 foilboard with a V2 IC6 850 You will need the FCD Mast Foot Adapter + V1 fuselage to be properly fitted.
  3. You have a V1 foil already and you want to upgrade to latest masts (55/65/75/85/95cm) and head masts (plate, KF, DKF, Tuttle w/tilted inserts With the FCD Mast Foot Adapter, you can get a V2 mast and V2 head mast.