“Since my kitesurfing session “RED”, I have dreamed of kitesurfing on colored waters, and to understand the reason of these colors. During my research, I discovered this splendid ocher quarry. So I contacted the company “Ocres de France” a few months ago, to know if the wind was blowing there from time to time! Stephanie Anglès, the manager immediately helped me and gave me all the information I needed: “when the wind Mistral blows on Marseille, it blows over here!” Stéphanie gave me the green light to carry out this project, because of the fact that kitesurfing in these decantation ponds doesn’t damage the purity of ocher pigments. Then I set up my Windy app to warn me as soon as the optimal wind was coming. Three months later the stars aligned and the Mistral pointed towards Gargas. So we could go to the site and I could do some colored pirouettes! The result was great, I’m very happy to have been able to kite in ocher water. It highlights the colors of the lands of the south of France, and it also reminds me of India because I spent a lot of time there – especially Jaisalmer in Rajasthan which is a golden city in the desert of Thar. In India, the ocher tone is very symbolic. My choice of music was naturally made for this video, and the images were immediately in harmony with the music of Bollywood!

— Antoine Auriol

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