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If you’ve ever rolled through the airport with half a dozen bags and some travel purses hanging off your shoulders and arms, you know just how useful a large roller bag can be. With a golf bag, you can carry a couple boards, multiple kites and bars, your harness, wetsuit, pump and other gear necessities in one easy on-the-go bag. We’ve traveled all over the world in search of wind and waves, and one of the many things we’ve learned along the way is that having a good gear bag, and knowing how to pack it, makes your life a whole lot easier.

Here are a few basic tips on packing your kiteboarding essentials in the Slingshot Golf Bag:

  • Take your kites out of their stock kite bags to avoid excess weight and bulk. If you need to, bring one kite bag for on-location carrying. Fold or roll your kites nice and tight to make sure all the air is out. Compression bags are a good option if you have them; they tend to come in handy for other uses as well.
  • Remove the fins from your board. (Don’t forget to pack a screwdriver so you can put them back on!)
  • Wrap your board in a towel or your wetsuit to add a layer of padding and protection and help spread the load evenly in your bag.
  • Place heavier items toward the bottom of your bag, closer to the wheels. It’ll be easier to carry it that way.
  • If you have a hard shell harness, wrap it around something soft (like a kite or wetsuit) to prevent it from getting smashed and broken.
  • If you’re flying, double check what your weight restrictions are and be careful not to overload your bag. Nobody likes spending that extra $$.