By Kristin Boese/

If you want to increase your balancing ability and your feel for the board as well as add some style and skill to your repertoire you can try riding blind.

1. To make your pop into blind easier, fly your kite high.

2. As you leave the water, bring your center of gravity well back and initiate the rotation movement from the center of your body.

3. Now take your back hand off the bar and try to bring it behind your back while pushing your board around with your front leg. While you don’t actually want to bring your arm behind your back, this movement will help you bring your body around. Also, support the rotation by pushing your back leg behind you.

4. The landing is undoubtedly the most difficult part of the move. Prepare for it by looking back (not into the riding direction) and by bringing your weight over your new back leg.

5. As you land, try to flatten your board and head slightly downwind by centering your body weight on the back leg and then immediately put pressure on your toeside edge to keep tension in the lines and to be able to ride away with speed.

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