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Words and Riding by Julien Hosp

For a lot of riders, the 313 is the second handlepass they learn after the blind judge, but it actually took me quite a long time to get the 313 stable and well executed, so now I really love doing it every session!

be able to land blind or wrapped with a surface pass. The higher you keep your kite, the more difficult it will be to pass the bar, but the crashes will hurt a lot less.

1. Enter the move with speed and unhook. For your first attempts, try to keep the kite between 10 and 11 o’clock to make the handlepass easier to complete.

2. Go for good pop off the water and throw out a nice raley.

3. Make sure you kick your back leg out during the raley!

4. To initiate the rotation to pass the handle, kick your back leg forward while looking over your front shoulder.

5. Keep the bar close to your back hip, pass the bar, and spot your landing.

6. Stomp the landing and ride away.


  • Throw your back leg back during the raley so you can kick it forward to initiate the rotation.
  • Don’t keep your kite too high, as this will make the pass really difficult.