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Words and Riding by Julien Hosp

By definition, the back mobe is a back roll with a 360 frontside handlepass. If you want to learn the back mobe, you should be comfortable with simple handlepasses such as a 313 or blind judge and you should know how to do unhooked back rolls in your sleep.

1. Enter the move with speed and unhook.

2. To initiate the back mobe, throw an inverted back roll.

3. In the middle of the back roll, press the bar to your back hip.

4. Look over your back shoulder and keep rotating.

5. Pass the bar and finish the rotation.

6. Spot your landing and try to get your second hand on the bar to gain control of your kite.


  • The more inverted you go, the easier and more stylish the trick will be.
  • Use your back leg to initiate the rotation.
  • If you constantly crash by catching the front tip of your board on the water, try to hold the bar a little longer and pass a little later as this will give you a better position in the air.