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By Brandon Scheid/ realkiteboarding.com

So, you’ve find yourself landing some pretty cool moves on the water and you think you’re ready to try some handle passes? My best advice is to build a solid foundation first.

Depending on what you want to do, you can start with a blind judge, 313, flat 3, or a mobe. I personally learned the back mobe first, but it will vary from rider to rider. The biggest things are knowing how to pass the bar (underhand), being comfortable in the air, and being comfortable with rotations.

For any move involving a handle pass, work up to it and make sure you have the more basic versions of the move dialed. For the back mobe, you can start with a back to wrapped.

For the 313, you should first tackle the raley to wrapped. I like to do a lot of visualization off the water and when I’m on the water it’s all or nothing.

  • Work up to it. A strong foundation can support a tall building.
  • When learning a handle pass move, give it five 100% tries per session. Keep this up and it won’t be long until you’re riding away from some of the hardest moves in kiting.
  • Get those hips moving, they power your rotations.
  • If you’re getting worked, try to take it a step back and focus on simpler moves. If you’re working on the back mobe, go back to the roll to revert. For the blind judge, step back and go for a few raley to blinds.
  • Switch tricks can sometimes feel more natural. Don’t forget to try both ways.
  • Don’t forget to look where you want to go. It will help you finish rotations.
  • Practicing on a hanging bar can help begin the muscle memory foundation.
  • Try to watch other people do the tricks, either in person or on video, and get your head around the rotation before you go on the water.