In a first-of-its-kind stunt titled “The Skywalk”, British sailor and kiteboarder Alex Thomson chased down a fast-moving Hugo Boss racing yacht, attached himself to a rope connected to the top of the 94-foot mast and sailed nearly 300 feet into the air before detaching from the rope, gliding back down to the water and kiting away safely.


The 41-year-old, who sails professionally and uses kiteboarding as a part of his training, has been a longtime Slingshot rider and supporter. When he approached Slingshot about the stunt, the decision was simple. “It was an exciting proposition to say the least,” said Slingshot’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Greg Kish. “Alex Thomson is a huge name in the sailing world and we were thrilled to be a part of his latest stunt.” Thomson used Slingshot’s 2016 RPM, Compstick Guardian bar and Misfit board for the stunt. The gear was stock construction and custom HUGO BOSS graphics. “We were honored that Alex chose Slingshot as the brand to trust his life with.” Kish added.

Kish, who noted that Slingshot uses 800-pound-test flying lines while the industry standard is 500-pound-test, remarked, “Slingshot kites define quality. They are built with reinforced Surf-Tough construction and our bars employ the strongest flying lines in the business, which I’m sure gave Alex an added level of confidence while he was hanging out 300 feet in the air.”


“I have had the concept of the Skywalk in the back of my mind for a long time,” Thomson said. “Sailing is my full time career, kitesurfing is my hobby. Kiting is what I love to do in my free time and being able to combine both to create the next stunt was perfect.”


Amazed and dumbfounded, all we can say is Alex and his Slingshot RPM is a BOSS!

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