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F-One America announced this week that 9-year-old grom Evan Drye has joined their junior team. Evan is young and passionate about kiteboarding, focused on earning a spot on the F-One Next Generation team (currently in Tarifa, Spain). We look forward to meeting Evan and his very supportive dad, Kevin, at our Pismo Kitexpo next month!

In the meanwhile, some beta on Evan:

Age: 9
Began Kiting: March of last year
Years Kiting: 1 year
Gear and Sizes:  Bandit 7m & 9m ,127 Next Generation F-one board
Tricks in Progress: Handle pass and double backroll
School friends who kite: Yes
Favorite spot: Ft. Walton Beach
Training skills for F-one Next Generation Team: m
ore unhooked tricks
Travel -Kite Wish List: France, Hood River

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