Slingshot Crisis
Sizes Available: 134, 137, 141, 146cm
Size Tested: 137×41.2cm

Slingshot Says:

The 2013 Crisis delivers a dynamic feel than a traditional molded foam board, and provides solid upwind performance, effortless edge-to-edge control and ultra-soft landings in any condition. It’s rider progressive shape is ideal for advanced freeride tricks as well as riding the swell on those perfect downwinders. Whether it’s your first kiteboard or an addition to your quiver, the Crisis boils down the basics, delivering an easy ride with a premium level of control. The Crisis twin tip board pairs up as a perfect complement to the Z kite. Just like the Z, this board delivers unmatched performance and versatility in all conditions.

Our Testers Say:

“A fun and carvy board with comfortable straps and pads. Good upwind and jumping performance,” Davey Beard.

“A very good board that will suit a lot of riders in a lot of different conditions. Good upwind and nice turning,” Gary Martin.

“The Crisis is a forgiving and easy to ride board that does nothing unexpected. Not the smoothest in big chop, but very good all-around performance. A very attractive board, especially when you consider its low retail price,” Paul Lang.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Slingshot Crisis features a moderate outline, full wood core, and stepped rails. Unlike the other 2013 Slingshot boards the Crisis features traditional inserts instead of the Fastrack system.

Testers commented on the Crisis’s good upwind performance, good jumping performance, and smooth carving. Compared to the Slingshot Darko the Crisis is more forgiving and more comfortable in the chop, but the Darko has better upwind and load and pop performance.


The Crisis came with the Slingshot Bolt-On 4.0 pads and straps which install very easily to the standard inserts. The strap and pad is a single unit that most testers found comfortable and easy to adjust.

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