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From Best Kiteboarding:

The 2012 RP-Bar v2 is loaded with innovative product features to make it the most comfortable and durable kite control bar on the market. From our metal-free Pro-Cuff quick release to our Big-Ass-Bar-Ends every part of the RP-Bar v2 is designed with comfort, control and durability in mind.

It’s a fact of life that salt, sand, friction and lack of servicing all contribute to the wear of the moving parts on your kite bar. We’ve all been caught out by snapping a depower line that we should have already replaced weeks. If that sounds familiar then your worries are over, the solution to depower line wear is finally here.

Our innovative Sacrifice-Insert-System fixes two replaceable, low friction, Delrin inserts in the center hole of your bar eliminating the depower line wear caused by the scraping of a metal bar center along your depower line. Should you ever need to replace them new inserts can be fitted in seconds without having to untie a single knot, so you can spend more time on the water and never have to worry about replacing another depower line.

The Sacrifice-Insert-System is just one of the innovative performance and safety features fitted to the RP-Bar v2; check out the BEST website for full details of all our Pat Pend product features.

What do you think? Is this a good solution to reduce depower line wear?