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Tkb Review: 2022 Core Sensor Pro Foil Bar

The Sensor 3 Pro Foil control bar is a dual length bar that adjusts between 41.4 and 45cm effective steering length and comes with an extra thin version of Core’s Tectanium Vario lines (Tectanium Vario Lite) for reduced windage and extra efficiency in 22m length lines (16+4+2m).

Often paired with Core’s XLite kite, the Sensor 3 Pro Foil bar features a minimized titanium chassis that is wrapped with carbon fiber to produce incredibly light but stiff kite controls. Core’s CIC release returns this year with its well-designed, compact click-in style reset where all you need to do is insert the end of the loop back into the quick release body and it clicks itself closed. It’s a very clean design and the key on the end of the quick release loop is really easy to find its way back to its target with a very obvious audible click that gives you good confirmation that the quick release is reconnected. The quick release comes with the standard loop, but you can also get a stainless rope slider and a Pro Loop which is larger for unhooking.

The power tuning system uses a Cam cleat and a toggle with a bungee built into the tuning line as well as Velcro to keep the toggle in place during riding. The tuning system is both clean and simple as well as very smooth and easy to operate. The above the quick release handle swivel has an excellent smooth motion that also acts as a quick-release guard. The Sensor Pro Foil utilizes double PU-coated throw lines that travel through the bar with a single centerline safety depower that’s routed up one of the lines. The PU throw lines feature a fairly thin diameter which we noted translated into remarkably smooth movement of the bar during riding; the bar additionally auto untwists your center lines after you do spins. The bar’s center insert has a logo that tells you when you’re holding it the right way and on the other side, a red ”˜stop’ sign and a red line that goes all the way across the bar indicates when you’re holding the bar wrong.

The bar grip has a nice, thin, lightly textured EVA without knuckle bumps, and its slight asymmetrical oval shape feels good in your hands. The bar ends are streamlined with the bar’s end opening up to adjust the length of the bar by just pressing and rotating a cassette and also creating the crutch needed to wind the lines up when you’re done kiting. The floats are separate from the bar ends and feature hidden bungees for a clean wrap job. Once again, Core has re-imagined their kite bar with some very innovative concepts while keeping the overall product in a nice lightweight, simple and clean layout that is sure to continue to be a cult favorite to riders of all persuasions.

Visit for more info: www.corekites.com/us/kite/bars/sensor-3-pro


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