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Tkb Review: 2022 Duotone Trust Bar

The tried and true Trust bar received a colorway update for this year, but otherwise its award-winning mix of features and comfort remains unchanged. The Trust bar’s left float and bar end is now colored a vibrant red to indicate the correct orientation and contrasts with the remainder of the bar grip that is white. The Trust bar is a dual adjustable length bar that comes in two options, S/M-42/49cm and a M/L-46/53cm lengths. On the smaller bar, you can choose between 19 or 22m lines and on the longer bar, you can choose between 24 and 27m lines. Duotone feels line length is an important tunable feature to match with your kite and style of riding. The Trust bar is a standard 4-line bar with an optional 5th line aftermarket upgrade package, so in theory, you could switch back and forth between 4 and 5-lines from the same base bar purchase.

Our kites came with the 4-line base version with the single centerline safety depower that runs up to one of the bridles. The center lines are knotted for rigging purposes and the outside lines end in loops. The adjustable length spectra throw line features a tuning cleat with a magnet on the depower strap to keep it in place. The Trust has a push away quick release with a below the bar hand swivel that also functions as a quick release travel guard. At the time of purchase, you can select from four different chicken loop options (Wakestyle, Freestyle, Freeride and Rope Harness). Our favorite for general riding is the Freeride loop, because it keeps the bar’s throw close to your core for those kiters that won’t be riding unhooked. The Trust features a spectra trim/throw line, a sliding stopper for long tacks and a firm molded chicken finger to prevent accidental unhooking. The padded bar ends are tunable and offer integrated floats and retractable bar bungees for a clean wrap up. In addition to adjusting the length of the bar, you can adjust the length of the outside lines by pulling the bar ends apart and choosing from three color-coded knots for length options (green/blue/red).

The bar grip is fairly plush EVA with middle of the road texture which makes the Trust a very comfy and feature-rich bar. At a perfect weight with tons of adjustment, the Trust bar is a long-time favorite of testers and the limited changes to the bar this year lends credence to the proposition: Don’t mess with perfection.

Visit for more info: www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/bars/trust-bar/


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