There is no question Mauricio Abreu is a legend in kiteboarding. From the very beginning, he has pushed the boundaries as much as anyone who has been involved with the sport. Now he has decided Slingshot is the best place for him to continue doing that.

Mauricio explains. “Slingshot and I have always shared the same passion for the progression of the kiteboarding. My friends and I always try to take our vision to the water and Slingshot had always done the same with their products and their company’s image. They are by far the leaders in innovation and they have done more for kiteboarding then any other company I know.”

Jeff Logosz, Slingshot co founder and CEO, has always seen the potential to ride together. “Mauricio has made his mark in kiteboarding in so many different ways. He was part of the OG Maui crew with other legends like Lou Wainman, Elliot Leboe, Chris Gilbert and others and since then he lead the strapless surf, wakeskate and the sliders/rails movements to what is is today. He has organized some of the most progressive videos and events that continue to shape the future of kiteboarding. Mauricio has always defined what it truly means to be a professional athlete by being incredibly talented, but humble and generous at the same time. It has always been his intention to give something back to the sport he loves and that’s why today is considered the Godfather of kiteboarding. I have looked forward to this day for over a decade”.

“I feel good to be with such a core company. Today I see so many good riders with companies that really don’t care about what they’re  doing or where they trying to take the sport. Slingshot cares! They are responsible for some of the greatest expansions in kiteboarding, including major innovations that help make the sport safer and more convenient while attaining the highest level of performance available. They were the first to build a rail for kiters (1998), they were (and still are) the main supporter the progression of the surf side of the sport to its roots, they have helped riders become world champions and they are the only company to bridge the cap between cable and kite,” added Mauricio.

With the addition of Mauricio to the Slingshot Global Team,  riders will have the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest in our sport. The Global Team is such a talented and diverse group of riders that will only get better with his presence. Mauricio will have the chance to bring his energy and experience to all Slingshot riders as he continues to build their Surf team and connect the many directions of the sport. He’ll also be working with Slingshot’s R+D Team to improve their products as well as the Marketing Team to make sure people understand the devotion the company puts into everything they make.