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Today, Ben Wilson announced he is launching his own brand of kites and boards called BENWILSONSURF.


“Developing my own brand has always been a long term dream and I am so excited that we have begun the journey. I have assembled the most talented team of people who all share my vision in the search for perfection.”

Since leaving Slingshot as the face of their surf product, Ben has been overwhelmed with support from the kite and surfing market. “I would like to thank all those companies that were interested in working with me. However, my decision to launch my own brand allows me to give something back to kiting and surfing. Having my own company allows me the freedom to put out a product that I truly believe in and to further promote the surf kiting category.”

“Surf Kiting is about to experience a major phase of growth and we are well placed to drive its development.”

Over the last few months the BENWILSONSURF team has been busy designing and testing the products that will be, best in market. “I am so proud of what we are offering… and I am so excited to be riding our new range”.

The range will be the first of its kind to offer surf kiters of all levels the ability to push their own limits. “Technology has come a long way over the last 10 years of riding and we have developed kites and boards that draws on my riding experience and the team’s pursuit of product excellence.”

The products are based on Value, Innovation and Performance. “I truly believe less is more and our gear is clean and easy to use in all conditions. We have sourced the best materials and the construction methods are cutting-edge. Quality is something on which we will never compromise.”

On September 1st 2010 BENWILSONSURF will be making a very exciting announcement on the product details, company development and rollout. To be the first to know subscribe to our newsletter on www.benwilsonsurf.com

For more information contact info@benwilsonsurf.com or log onto www.benwilsonsurf.com.