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Summer 2021 // Vol. 18, No. 2

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Our Summer 2021 Issue is Here!

On the cover, Ben Wilson spent the last round of pandemic lockdowns slinging buckets into the channel at Cloudbreak. Read more about his return to Slingshot on PG 84. // Photo Mitch Stubbs

Across 120 pages of long-form storytelling, Vol. 18, No. 2 follows a crew of core kiters venturing deep into Southern Baja to keep the momentum of park riding alive, Tkb’s staff catches up with Naish’s Kite Designer to talk about the designers conscience, line tech and taking the control bar in a new direction and Luke McGillewie retraces his early years as a pro kiter and the jump from athlete to kite development. Cabrinha goes all in on a three phase plan to make kiting more accessible to adrenaline fiends stuck on the sidelines, we dig deep with Ben Wilson, looking back on the strapless surf revolution and his return to Slingshot and we finish off the issue with Matt Maxwell as he traces the misfortunes of a kiteboarding roadtrip gone awry.

Profiles include newly retired Coast Guard, Robert Netsch, and former travel nurse turned Bay Area kite local, Shannon Gowan. Eric Rienstra  fills us in on how to approach a bonk, Alex Fox defends his Iconic Kiteboarding Print, Laurel Eastman pens a large-scale climate request and our Publisher Emeritus looks back on 16 years at the magazine.

With each story scored by a symphony of fine imagery, Tkb’s Vol. 18, No. 2 is the perfect way to escape the summer flat spells.

Get your hands on 120 pages of unmatched kiteboard storytelling replete with tales of pioneers, innovators and the kitesurfing obsessed.

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Welcome to Vol. 18, No. 2 — Take a Peek Inside


In uncertain times, Xander Raith, Noè Font and Colleen Carroll converge on the southeast shores of Baja to reinforce kiteboarding’s status as a core boardsport and keep the momentum of park riding alive.

Brian Dennis has been just about everywhere. The head of Naish kite design talks about the designer’s conscience, line tech and taking the quick release in a new direction.

For many of us, kiteboarding is often a distracting force, a seductive call to disassemble and reprioritize our lives around the wind. Luke McGillewie swims against the stream in reverse, building a life dedicated to kiteboarding’s constant pull.

Cabrinha CEO Kent Marinkovic partners with Estuary Brewing Company and goes all in on adaptive kiteboarding with a three-phase plan to make kiting more accessible to adrenaline hungry athletes with mental and physical challenges.

Having ridden a culinary degree into surf paradise, Ben Wilson pivoted into kitesurfing and forever changed the direction of the sport. After a decade on his own, Ben is back with Slingshot to write the next chapter.

Hampered by pandemic restrictions, Matt Maxwell and friends take their video project up and down the lesser known parts South Africa’s coast only to find that things don’t always go as planned.

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